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Monday, April 20, 2009

In all fairness to Upper Deck

Its easy for me to sit here and bash Upper Deck Baseball products, mainly because there are so many bad ones. I am here to help too. Since Upper Deck Bothered to read my blog today, its the least I can do.

I am going to assume that Upper Deck doesn't do focus groups or meaningfull product research. I know they bring in the Diamond Club people, not sure what for. Maybe they do surveys, but whatever.

Anyway, in addition to having Stale Gum and Wax Heaven do reviews once the product is released, why don't you send out pre production samples to a group of bloggers Obviously with Non-Disclosure Agreements. I mean someone gave the Green Light to UD Black Baseball, somebody said yes to X and Spectrum and Timelines and all that stuff.

Shoot, if I were putting out a Football product, Gellman would be the first cranky SOB I would talk to. The man doesn't pull punches, and if he likes it, collectors will too. Sure, other knuckleheads will tell you a product is great with tons of indistinguishable parallels, faux 1 of 1's, event used jockstrap cards, sticker autos of Paul Williams, but Gellman will tell you the truth and know what he is talking about.

All it takes to do this is a NDA, a few sample cards, the sell sheet mark up and a product description along with other releases for over lap considerations.

BTW, your USA cards should only be inserts. The box set is over priced and yet another product on your calendar.

Most of us bloggers have been through a coupld decades of collecting, actually put our money where our mouth is when it comes to products, and if you are Gellman or Mario, you have thousands of readers per month.

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Gellman said...

I would completely disagree with you, I am more than just cranky, I am borderline grumpy.