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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Call for Topps Finest Trades

Am I missing any? I am putting a couple cards in for Captain, Houston and Bebla. Nothing too great, but some consolation prizes nonetheless.

Please post all trades here by 6pm April 29th.

So far I have:
Sizemore Printing Plate to MotherScratcher
Zimmerman Blue Refractor to Groat

Mother Scratcher Gets Parnell Patch from Nennth
Nennth gets Gillaspie Patch

3.Oswalt Refractor to Houston from Beardy

Motherscratcher get Gold Redemption from Zman
Zman gets Fowler Patch Redemption


beardy said...

Steve K and I have pretty much worked out a trade, if I have any Mets base cards, he will get them, and I get the Adam Jones blue refractor. If no Mets cards, or just 1 Mets card, he gets my Eric Chavez blue refractor, and I get the Jones.

I would like him to 100% verify this before we go forward, but according to the previous comments, it seems like a done deal.

Bay Rat North West said...

If pops will have it:
His Volquez Green for my Hernandez Blue. Any other combo's he is intersted in let me know. I just got in from the road.

stusigpi said...

I have all the other ones done. I am leaving for vegas tomorrow afternoon so time is a bit short.

beardy said...

Have a good time in Vegas (like it's even possible not to)

Steve K said in the last post that it's a "done deal" so please give him my Chavez, or any Mets base cards that I have (if there are any)

Thanks again for the break Jeff!

Steve K said...

Done deal and 100% verified!