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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing from Upper Deck

Not a peep.


Anonymous said...

Is the Finest case here yet? :)

Wax Heaven said...

Sorry to hear that.

Were the working with you at least?

Captain Canuck said...

not surprising I suppose... the customer service levels there are not known for their high levels of satisfaction.
It's too bad this has to happen when companies like In The Game and Rittenhouse deliver over the top customer service

stusigpi said...

The Finest case will be here this evening, UPS delivers late to my house.

Mario, Chris Carlin said he forwarded the email to customer service. I also sent some emails to customer service but still haven't heard anything.

Topps was all over the Murad missing auto issue. I saw that In the Game was quick with your replacements.

Pop Startled said...

Smaller companies are forced to offer up top of the line customer service because they don't have the established cash flow to ignore their customers.

Sorry to hear that you're being given the silent treatment.

At least you get the pleasure of a Finest bust sometime this week!

Offy said...

I've sent a few e-mails to Upper Deck customer service over the past few months and not one of them has gotten a reply. It looks like they are spending all of their time on Facebook these days. If they drag their feet too long, maybe you should post a link there.

Wax Heaven said...

Still nothing?

stusigpi said...


Still not a thing.