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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some thoughts on the Upper Deck Masterpieces Case Problem

I have gotten more hits today than I have since I commented that I thought 2009 Heritage is a waste of money. No reply from Upper Deck as of yet.

The issue is, do I really deserve some sort of replacement from Upper Deck. If so, what?

The snub on the Auto's is very hard to swallow. I have concluded that the lack of variety in the parallels is close to being equally as terrible. One of the reasons I bought the case was to work on my parallel sets. Plus I was hoping to come up with some /25 types and /10. A few posters on some of the message boards have stated that I wouldn't be upset if they were all Matt Ryans. It wouldn't be as bad, but I would still be bitter. I would probably sell them. Obviously there was a serious collation problem here. As previously mentioned. The serial numbers are all very close to each other. Not knowing how these are packed out leaves me without an idea of how this happens.

So anyway, my question to all of you is, what if anything should Upper Deck do?


Groat said...

Honestly, I think they should send you another case. You're obviously a big customer, and this is the kind of thing you lose customers over. At the very least, they should replace all the autos that weren't in your boxes and also send a few sealed boxes to help make up for it. Sure, it'll cost them an arm and a leg to do. However, it's absolutely 100% their fault that this happened so they should make up for it.

stusigpi said...

Its hard to think of myself as a "big customer" but I suppose to a certain extent I am. There are certainly those that buy more, but these days, every customer helps.

Even in my job now, I will warn people of "client relations issues". The potential for harm for not taking care of something is certainly there.

The Way that Topps took care of my Murad Case was certainly appreciated and I guess I do have much more confidence in Topps than I did before.

I think there was a Sterling Break that gellman did that was short a substantial hit or two and they sent him another box.

grant said...

Your well above me as a spender Iv'e waited 9 months now for a FN Chris Perez topps auto and in dec or so I got a kenny phillips #/99 Auto leaf rookies & stars ( don't follow him at all) with some sort of new waiting list and no follow up on an email I sent in January from Donruss. So your deal with this beyond ridiculous case leaves me baffled I agree you should get a new case but that's not likely I can say by far this is the worst coalation and just plain wrong case IV'e ever witnessed all I can say is get the info out to us bloggers becuse this is an issue that should really go somewhere and should really piss off collectors. I feel for you on this I'd be driving to shuf the case up there well you know. Grant