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Friday, April 10, 2009

Topps Comes Through! My Murad Case has been made whole.

In my case of Murad, I came up two Autos short of what I was promised. So I packed up 48 Wrappers, my case receipt, the UPC codes, a dna sample and a thumbprint and shipped them all of with a letter explaining my problem.

Just nine days later I received a package from Topps. The package contained the following:
Mike Miller Auto. I already have this card

Mickael Pietrus Auto

Gilbert Arenas Jersey

Amar'e Stoudemire jersey

For those of you scoring at home, or those of you home by yourself, that is two extra jersey cards. Granted, Topps didn't send me anything great, but I appreciate them taking my complaint seriously. You know Topps and UD get taken advantage of, or at least people attempt to, all of the time, so I can see why Topps has the requirements that they do for this sort of thing. I just wish Topps was a bit more lenient on the damaged card replacements.

The pics are a bit different because I bought a new camera in anticipation of my trip to Vegas at the end of the month. It might take me a few to get the knack of photographing cards with it. I went from a 2.1 MP camera that I got for free with a laptop I bought in February 2004, so this is quite the step up for a point and shoot. I have a nice SLR but it does a crappy job of up close photos. Actually that's not fair, I don't have a short lens for it.


Captain Canuck said...

nice to see them come through...

I still think you should've packed up ALL the wrappers....

Groat said...

Better than a similar Donruss QA complaint that I had. Didn't get an auto in a box of Playoff Absolute, and it's taken a month so far with no word from them other than that they've gotten the request.