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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UPDATE: I want to buy it now, but do you want to sell it now?

Let me start off by saying: What a Douche!

See my previous post about people that post Items with BIN's, they get a good faith reasonable offer and then won't accept it. They then let the items sit in their inventory or their closet and then end up selling the item for the same or less than what the offer was before. Here is the Item. Here is the offer history:

5***n ( 1485) -- Accepted Apr-08-09 15:47:27 PDT

2***a ( 11) -- Seller declined Apr-04-09 05:14:40 PDT

2***a ( 11) -- Seller declined Apr-04-09 05:14:09 PDT

6***i ( 1116) -- Seller declined Mar-28-09 08:27:42 PDT

6***i ( 1116) -- Seller declined Mar-22-09 11:18:59 PDT

6***i ( 1116) -- Seller declined Mar-22-09 11:18:43 PDT

1***2 ( 1636) -- Seller declined Mar-15-09 13:42:49 PDT

iamjoecollector( 1363) US $950.00 Expired Mar-10-09 23:12:47 PDT

c***d ( 11716) -- Seller declined Mar-10-09 08:49:09 PDT

u***s ( 161) -- Seller declined Mar-06-09 15:17:04 PST

u***s ( 161) -- Seller declined Mar-06-09 15:16:51 PST

u***s ( 161) -- Seller declined Mar-06-09 15:16:39 PST


tastelikedirt said...

Looks like maybe the seller just doesn't like you...or your money.

stusigpi said...

Safe to assume he isn't the only one. Chasecardboxes has banned me as a bidder. I think he doesn't want me bidding because he knows I am not going to get suckered into paying too much for a box. If I win it,it is going to be for much less than he wants to sell it for.

Voluntarheel said...

I wrote about BIN/BO's on my blog not too long ago. I am completely on the same page as you.

You know a bigger pet peeve? A seller who lies and says they have a higher bid they are considering to try to get you to up your counter.

Nothing makes me smile more than watching a seller loose all his pending bids because he was trying to play everyone for fools.

stusigpi said...

The Matt Ryan Sterling Gold Mess right? At least that Bad Boy is pretty rare, but yeah that guy was an idiot too. I can just move on to the next case of exquisite.

I think once the seller declines, ebay should show the offer so people know what they are dealing with before they make an offer.

Voluntarheel said...

Yeah, there was the Ryan one, but I actually wrote a larger post about the concept of the BIN/BO earlier.

I just get tired of people ignoring offers that are in market range or people who won't answer an offer that is even close to their asking price.

What you just dealt with happens way to often. People think that if they wait long enough, they will attract the one sucker who doesn't know how to use the completed items search function.