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Monday, April 20, 2009

Upper Deck, I'm sorry but ...

you're fired, you are the weakest link, goodbye, you have been voted off the island, insert horrible horrible cliche and/or over used catch phrase here.

Your baseball products suck, well except Masterpieces and arguably heroes because of the auto/jersey checklist, but the base cards, oh the base cards and too many parallels.

If MLB decides to give out an exclusive deal, I hope it's to Topps. In saying that, I have to forgive the sucktatude that was 2008 Stadium Club and the horrific hits that lurk in Heritage, but overall Topps handed you your ass this year and you've got nothing. Its not like you did anything in the past few years either, its just that Topps had gimmicked its way onto a lot of shitlists. This year, you have essentially hit the repeat button on last year and you didn't have anything that compelling. I swear that people buy your baseball product out of obligation or sheer boredom.

Regardless, your list of failures is too long to recite, but your list of successes is so small and you won't stop putting out filler. SPX, documentary, spectrum, X, timelines and on and on and it keeps on going. I know my baseball collecting would be much simpler without you, just as it was in 89. Although your 89, 90, and 91 sets are some of my all time favorites, but you're 92 set that I swear was printed on pure gloss. Since then, collectors choice? Black Diamond?, blah blah blah.

Think about this, do you have anything to compete with heritage or Allen and Ginter? OPC is a nice try, except YOU RIPPED OFF TOPPS' DESIGN. Maybe not legally as I haven't had a chance to read the contracts or the complaint, but you know what you did. Ethically, that's bullshit and you know it.

I could keep talking, but I won't.

Wait, I do have one more thing. Ballpark collection? What kind of crap is that. How many square yards of single color jersey material did you have laying around anyway? I guess the secondary market on these cards really tells the story.


night owl said...

Upper Deck base is supposed to be a set collector's set, but I haven't heard a lot of people say they're collecting the UD set. Not nearly as many as those who say they're collecting '09 Topps flagship.

Duane said...

With masterpieces gone, goudey and maybe sp authentic will be all I look at from UD. I have only bought a couple of packs of UD so far this year....if I build the base set it will either be by buying it on ebay or through the combined series 1 and 2 fat packs. I have no use for most all of UD inserts and parallels. I am really evaluating my entire collecting strategy right now, I am not a fan of parallels in general and while I enjoy buying wax....I spend too much on it and usually don't get enough base cards to my liking. It is much, much cheaper to just go on ebay and buy the base and really whatever else you need.

stusigpi said...

I'll give you goudey but it kind if makes my point in a way. It's not even original to ud and yes I know that Topps didn't design a and g either. Isn't it impossible to get all the sp's in 08 goudey?

Sp authentic, spx, et al are kind of worthless. Don't get me wrong the hits are fine, butthe base cards are useless. With spx or sp. I'd rather the configuration be no base cards or a 90 card set with 2 cards per pack.

Upper deck puts out too many sets period. I agree the higher end is done better by ud but what's the point?

I think ud does a good job with hockey, still too many sets though.

Remember I am one of those people that was happy with TFD 3 sets a year circa 1981-1987. Collecting was fun and easy. There was a reason cards boomed those years.

I like hits as much as the next joe collector, so ud could gather up all the hits they make and putting them into the three products. Leave retali at 1 hit per box at $2.00 per pack and hobby with 4-5 hits per box at $4 per pack.

Duane said...

I am with you on TFD and being happy with the 3 choices. I should clarify on Sp authentic--- I liked the cards but buying retail blasters was a gigantic waste of money.