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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What has Upper Deck said in response?

Update: Chris Carlin just sent me an email that he is forwarding my concern to the correct people. That's impressive as Mr. Carlin was out of the office until this morning. I imagine he had 1000's of emails to look through when he got in this morning.

Nothing as of yet. To be fair, I only contacted them yesterday morning. This morning, someone from their Las Vegas office visited my site through Wax Heaven. I will keep you Updated.

See my awesome Break here and my question as to what should Upper Deck do here.


Wax Heaven said...

I am confident you will receive a response from Upper Deck very soon.

I have no idea what they could do for you, though. You think they even have another case of this lying around somewhere?

Pop Startled said...

What are your hopes? Isn't it possible that they send you other set autos to make up the auto difference, right?

stusigpi said...

Ultimately I would like a replacement case, but as mario said, UD probably didn't have a spare case laying around.

In the alternative, I just want a case worth of hits, a patch or two, my autos including a red as those are supposed to be one per case, and a random mix of framed parallels specifically all the numbered parallels.

Pop Startled said...

Any response yet?