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Thursday, May 14, 2009

2007-08 Bowman Sterling Basketball 3 Pack Video Break

In my Murad Case I received 3 redemptions. 1 Mario Chalmers Black auto, 1 Mario Chalmers Silver auto and a DJ Augustin Auto. I had read on someone's blog that Topps was not going to fill these redemptions with the actual cards but with Topps Signature Cards. Topps Signature Basketball is essentially Topps clearing out the thousands of left over auto stickers from their stores as Panini was granted an exclusive license.

I got 3 such cards, 2 Spud Webb, 1 Isiah Thomas. I gotta say, even though they are sticker autos, I like the cards. Nice and simple. Plus Webb is awesome and come on Isiah? Sure.
Along with my first Spud, Topps tossed in some Pox's of 2007-08 Bowman Sterling Basketball. These run $30 a pack. Nothing like $90 worth of free packs. Topps customer service has really come through for me.

Here is the video. No audio. This is the type of video you will get on the sweet spot group breaks.

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grant said...

I'll gladly take that Brandoy Roy off your hands if your willing to part with it. I'd make it worth your while! Grant : )