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Monday, May 11, 2009

2007 Sweet Spot 10 Tin Group Break Football and Baseball

So far I have 10 for baseball and 7 for football.
I don't mind picking up quite a few spots but I am going to need at least 15 to do either one. So if I get 15 baseball and 13 football I can do baseball. If I get 15 baseball and 15 football I can do both.


Anonymous said...


If the football doesn't fill up just shoot my sign-up over to baseball since we worked out that deal for last months box buster's club.

I am going to post over at SCU and try to bring some more football people over.

Wax Heaven said...

Any chance to pick teams for the Baseball break?

stusigpi said...

No picking teams but you can trade. Some teams just wouldn't sell.

grant said...

I'm put it out on my patheic blog! I hope we can get this going! I don't thinnk I'll be able to get anymore spots then the 3 I have if they need to be moved let me know I have 2 on fotball. 1 on basball. If I can get another spot I will we still have a little time left. Grant