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Thursday, May 21, 2009

2007 Sweet Spot Football 10 Tin Group Break Video

Had to split it into 2. Don't worry guys,I am going to contribute some of my cards to your causes. If there are particular cards you like that are from my teams, please let me know.

Part 1

Part 2


Bobby said...

Either need sound or a little more work with the cam, couldnt tell who most of those players were, def couldnt read most of the names - just got a vague sense of the team.

stusigpi said...

The original video is pretty clear. Something happens to it when Youtube "processes" it. I will work on getting the raw video uploaded.

Bobby said...

Can you maybe post a list of the hits?

Holy Hitter said...

I want that one that is gold, has the best running back in the NFL on it, and the sweetest silver signature ever!

But seriously, I would like to trade if possible. (I have an 07 Leaf Limited Phenom Auto #/99)