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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calling Upper Deck Cutomer Service to gets me some satisfaction

The saga of my awesome 2008 Masterpieces Football Case continues.


For Yu Ghi Oh, and other stuff dial 1

For sports Cards press 2

Thank you for calling UD customer service, all agents are currently busy, please hold.

Darren Mcfadden, Matt Ryan, Rashard Mendenhall, will one of these college football standouts turn into the next Adrian Peterson? Collect the first true rookie cards of these future NFL Superstars along with many more. In UD Draft Edition Football. Get 5 rookie autographs

Yankees Stadium Legacy Ad: There is only one more year for the yankees. Collect....

Oh I got a guy. Hold was 4 minutes or so. Not bad at all. The customer service rep was very nice.

Taking my Info. Asked me to grab a pen and he will be right back. Send in the case UPC, along with the letter. The Upper Deck company attn quality assurance case #xxxxx 5909 Sea Otter Place Carlsbad, CA 92010. Delivery Confirmation. Brief letter.

Here is my opinion of UD Customer Service: Save the Emails, call them instead.


ewensel said...

So how long do we have to join the break? I'm thinking about taking a spot in the football break.....

stusigpi said...

May 20 is the deadline.

grant said...

I treid the whole email thing with topps and they basically want everything including your 1st born child to get you any replacements or an answer on a FN 10 month old redemtion card that happened to decrease in value by $20 in that time frame So I definetly will take your advise on the phone route! grant

grant said...

A reciept the box from the blaster and the pack from the blaster and in my stupidity I threw away the empty packs before I noticed that there was an extra thick Matt Forte card topps rookie progression Basically blank at the top but you could see through the red outline the name but no silver in the name as normal and it's numbered /299 so I'm assuming I missed out on an auto, patch or at least a really thick parallel card? but the wierd thing is beckett does'nt show any cards in 08' preogression that are numbered out of 299? unless the silver paralell's were thick as a GU'S card. Grant

stusigpi said...

I have no idea what that card is or was supposed to be. It would be nice if Topps would just replace a single card without so much stuff. Can you scan or take a pic of the card?