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Friday, May 15, 2009

Credit where Credit is due. Thank you Upper Deck

No, Upper Deck has not fixed the Masterpieces Hockey Debacle nor do I expect them to do anything because I am not sure what happened. They have as of yet to fix the Masterpieces Football case problem as well. Just giving them some time.

What Upper Deck did was replace a bunch of higher end damaged cards. The ones they couldn't replace, they sent 3 packs of SP Authentic Football in place of. Frankly, I would have rather had the cards replaced, but they did the best they could and I appreciate it. Took them 8 weeks or so, but they came through regardless.

Thanks Upper Deck

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Offy said...

I'm glad to read that Upper Deck is still replacing cards. I sent some cards to them to be replaced a little over a month or so ago and haven't gotten anything yet. I figured with all of the layoffs that my cards were probably going to sit in a mail room for the rest of time. They were only damaged Timelines cards and a Kobe Heroes card so no big loss if they never make it back to me.