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Sunday, May 3, 2009

One of the greatest moments in sports history

Some of you do not, and rightfully so, consider horse racing to be a sport. Personnally I consider it to be a bit cruel and barbaric. However, I can't deny that yesterday's run by Mine The Bird was one of the greatest single things I have ever seen.

Dead Last and a 50-1 longshot, that bastard ran to the front like the other horses were jogging. If you can find the overhead view of the race, watch it after the regular view. In the regular view, it seems as though he came out of no where. When you watch the over head view, you will realize he did. I watched the regular view 5 times and still couldn't figure out where he came from

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RoofGod said...

That truly was a great run by Mine The Bird. The way he hung back and then slipped into the inside rail was exceptional. It's races like that make the sport so enjoyable.