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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Spot Break Cards

I got an email from Pop Startled about the Sweet Spot cards. They were mailed out on Tuesday. When I checked the tracking numbers, it showed they were accepted on May 26 but left the Portland facility yesterday May 29th. Not sure what the hold up was. I sent them all first class mail "3 day" for those of you on the east coast. If you do not receive them by Tuesday please let me know. I know that FreeAndyLaroche's was delivered this week but he is just down the freeway from me.

I almost forgot, the Hamiltonians cards went out yesterday because she is from canadia and they force me to actually go into the post office to mail the stuff.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet card indeed. Thanks for hosting the break!

stusigpi said...

No problem, I really enjoy doing the breaks. Nothing like busting 1k worth of wax and it not costing anything close to that.

Your card is awesome. No fading in the signature because of the gold ink. Too bad they weren't all signed that way. My pence is some weird silver ink that looks good too.

thehamiltonian said...

Thanks for hosting the break!!

Pop Startled said...

Hey, got it today! Thanks for the cards and doing the breaks!

--David said...

I got mine, and a bonus card to boot!! THANKS a ton!!