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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Sweet Spot Group Break

Odd to consider for a product like this, but an issue none the less. In football Booker, Beck, Palmer, and Landry Oh my. Not double per se as they were parallels or different cards all together. Conversely we ended up with a lot of Redskins and Dolphins

The baseball collation was pretty good overall. We got a bat, a glove along with the balls. We got a broad range of jersey cards and base.

Condition: I don't know what the cure is for the condition that these cards come out of the pack in. Not so much edge wear, but the corners. Nothing too terrible, but it does detract from these cards. Frankly, I think they are close to being perfect. I really like the look of these cards.

A further note on condition. I put these into penny sleeves, very tight fit, and then 130 pt toploaders (tight fit again), some bigger. I was very careful and no damage occurred during this process. Any of the defects you notice on the cards are how they came out of the pack.

Pulls: I feel pretty guilty about pulling the Peterson and the Pence, but there were some other good pulls as well. The Colts did well, Indians, Reds, Dodgers. Overall, I am happy with the product. It can be a tough break on a team by team basis.

Cards will go out Monday or Tuesday.

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--David said...

Yeah, the Indians did very well compared to how they usually come out in breaks that I've seen. Too bad I came up as Tigers and... I dont even remember now... oh, Cubs.