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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on the 2008-09 Masterpieces Hockey Cases from Ebay.

If you recall, I bought two cases of 2008-09 UD Masterpieces Hockey on Ebay for $650 each.

Figuring that DA Cardworld was not going to go through with the transaction, I received the following email this morning:

Jeff, the 2 cases that you purchased on ebay from us were listed incorrectly. They are supposed to be $950.00 and not $650.00

Unfortunately we can't honor the auctions. The listing program did this without our knowledge. Not only did Upper Deck contact us about selling the product too cheaply, we have had many dealers complain to us as well. It should be $64.00 a box or $896.00 a case.

I hope that you let us cancel both auctions with a mutual agreement email

If this is ok I would like to give you $100.00 further off of the following invoice that I quoted you on as compensation for our error -

The wrong thing to do his is make DA pay for an obvious mistake. I don't care if it was a computer or a person that put in the wrong amount, it was still an error. The right thing to do is let them out of the transaction.

What bothers me about this whole situation is if Upper Deck really did call and bitch them out. Minimum contract price is close to price fixing and I don't like it. I think its a shady way to prop up the price of a product. Much like the PS3, Wii, Televisions, designer shoes etc. Its a free market, or its supposed to be. The other dealers that complained can suck it too.

The upshot is, no cases for me. Meh. BTW, DA checked out my blog this morning before this email was sent. Quite a few times.


steveisjewish said...

Too bad about your cases but at leaset they did offer the discount to make things right

Pop Startled said...

I don't know how I would feel about this. I completely agree with the standpoint that UD has no right, once the product is out on the market, to dictate a price point. That reeks to price gouging. It seems that a secondary seller has every right to undersell as long as UD gets their price. However, since it was an error, it seems only right to let them out of the deal. Then again, if this were a private dealer without the reputation of DA, wouldn't you be a bit more angry about the seller reneging on a fair deal?

Captain Canuck said...

should we be more surprised at Upper Deck insisting on price fixing, or DA for going along with it?
it takes more than the supplier for collusion... DA is just as much at fault here.

FuriousD82 said...

$100 discount isn't an awful compensation, but $200 would have been better. From my dealings with DA, they are fairly concerned about customer satisfaction. However, my problem here is not with Dacardworld, but the conduct of Upper Deck:

1. A Contract on eBay should be honored. How many days was this auction up on eBay before you made your purchase?

2. Upper Deck's certainly border on price fixing and unfair business practices.

I am Attorney in California and I will tell you the following
a) a Valid contract existed between you and Dacardworld.
b) Upper Deck knew of the contract.
c) Upper deck intentionally engaged in conduct which induced dacardworld to pull this deal off the table (as did the other dealers who complained). I'm guessing Upper Deck threatened to pull their distribution license if they went forward with this deal.
d) Upper deck intended dacardworld to breach their contract
e) Dacardworld breached the contract (which they did when they said they wouldnt honor it)

Specifically, we need to find out what Upper Deck said to dacardworld.

Contact me off board if you would like to speak with me further.

arfmax said...

It is up to the company to make sure that a listing is correct before posting it on eBay. If they make an error, they should honor it. If you go to a store, and something rings up incorrectly at a lower price, the store honors it. I had a similar issue happen with another seller, and they called me to say it was an error, and they weren't allowed to sell it that low. However, it is the seller's responsibility to correctly list an item, they should QC first.

stusigpi said...


I too am a lawyer. That being said, I appreciate your insight to the issue as I deal in regulation and do not practice in unfair trade practices, tortious interference, or other areas. The auction was up for a few hours before I found it.

I don't blame DA cardworld. They made an error, and my premier account rep contacted me as soon as he became aware of the issue. He has always given me good service.

The 100 compensation offer is nice, as I had him prepare an invoice that was 2000 or so last week. I still haven't decided if I an going to malethe purchase or not. I test drove a z06 corvette yesterday and am a bit torn as to get one or not.

Frankly I could have flipped these cases and made $300 cash at least, but again da made an error and has a good track record for their integrity so I am prepared to not hassel them on auctions themselves.

Upper Deck on the other hand better calm the he'll down with this stuff though. Their integrity isn't quite thesame as DA'S especially if they are pulling razors strings. I don't know if they are or not. They still haven't responded to mario's post.

Ross said...

Did I hear Z06.... do tell me more.
What year - what color?

stusigpi said...

The one I drove was an 09 charcoal grey. Sticker is 84. I would probably get a base model because of insurance cost.
I have also considered a 2000-2007 callaway, lingenfelter, or z06 in applicable years. A used one is quite a bit cheaper.
I ripped through the gears up to 4 and oh my god is that car fast. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Not saying i actually hit that time but it was fast none the less. I didn't go to 5th or 6th because I would have been doing 130+ in a 55 which is a crime.

Ross said...

A kid I went to school with has a yellow 2005 I believe. Those new 09's are fn sharp lookin cars. Consider me jealous ;)