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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Would someone please smack

Stephen Strasburg's cock out of the Upper Deck Blog's mouth


Wax Heaven said...

It's not just U.D. but every single prospect collector in the world.

stusigpi said...

I agree, but the blog is especially egregious right now.

Toby said...

I'm actually a genuine baseball geek who gets giddy over this stuff. So that'll come out in the writing.

Just me being me, that's a big part of the blog. Not everything requires cynicism, even if this is the internet ;)

stusigpi said...

Its the string of posts. A single post would have sufficed. The guy threw a no hitter in college. Yay. Ok not really. Prospects are hyped enough and there is a good chance this guy will go no where. I have watched baseball for years and years and have seen this story before. Frankly, it bugs me.

Being a cynic is what I do. What's worse: A cynic or a fad chaser?