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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2008-09 Upper Deck Rookie Threads Basketball Pack 2

Pack 2

July Monthly Baseball Box Busters

Due tomorrow - July 1.

Paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.com

2 boxes 2009 SPX
2 boxes Topps Series 2 Jumbo

Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 3 of 7

Box 3

The Jerseys:

The Autos:
Sen'Derrick Marks. Off Center, slightly blunted corners, the auto barely shows up, the photo highlights it, very hard to see in person.
Vonte Davis - Easier to see the auto, still off center, slightly blunted corners.

These autos are absolutely terrible. Upper Deck really dropped the ball here. Blue ink into a blue jersey. The corners aren't sharp, the cards are off center. It is kind of funny actually. 2009 UD Heroes will go down as a flub. Really good product poor, poor execution. YOU MESSED UP THE AUTOS. I know UD reads by blog, kind of curious if they discuss the comments at all. Some days I get quite a few hits, other days one or two hits. Do they think my comments don't matter or do the people that read not have any input on the products.

Anyway, I wonder if UD had internal discussions about these autos?

Prime Cuts Boxes

Just a month ago, these were selling for 209 at Blowout. What the hell happened. $250-$260 this week. Kind of like the swings that happen with National Treasures. Its not like the product has changed. Hits are in every box. Silly really.

Here is what your hit will bring you: Current Auctions and Completed.

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 2 of 7

Box 2

The Parallels: Master Laird fresh off shreddin some heavies.

The Jersey:

The Patch: Thanks for the single color, not

The Autos: Still don't like them all that much, very TTM
Phil Simms, psyched about this /5, but the corners arent sharp.

The Plate
and Boom goes the Dynamite

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well this is a cold

slap in the groin:

Wonder how long it will be before it is just a discolored ball.

Ridiculous Ebay Sellers

I have talked about crappy ebay sellers and we have talked about the worst or dumbest graded card, the sellers that are just plain ripping people off, but what about silly or ridiculous ebay sellers.

I submit to you: Justcollectcards

From PSA Fun food buttons, oh I know them well, to PSA 10 1981 Topps cards POP 1 or POP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Funny Valentines

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boxes that just aren't worth the price

To be clear, I don't gauge a box break on whether I get my money back out of it or not, I open boxes because it is exciting. I just don't want to feel like I got totally jobbed on it.

2009 Upper Deck heroes at more than $50-$60 - Base cards are worthless hits are ok

2008 SP Authentic Football - These run $90 a box if you keep your eyes open on the bay, $96 - $100 if you buy them from DA, Blowout, BigT etc. Make no mistake, the base cards are a joke. You are paying $35 a hit, but this product has a ton of potential, you might end up with a loser rookie auto here and there, but as you saw from the SCU 3 box group break I did, there was 1 really nice hit in each box.

2008 Leaf Limited Football - $100 a box $80 if you happen to catch one in the bay. I like limited. The base cards are nice, but are not a consideration in determining value. Four hits, I have gotten as many as five, but I have been impressed with the hits generally and think these are nice boxes even at the price. Two boxes of LCM, threads, etc don't equal the potential of one box of Limited. Other Donrini products are worth $40-$50 to me. I will sometimes pay more if the mood strikes.

2007 SP Authentic Baseball - if you can answer yes to the following three questions, you should purchase this product. Boxes can be had for $50-$60. Not even close to the Football version. You get two manautopatch per box:
1. I like autographed manupatches
2. I like baseball.
3. I consider myself a rookie guy or lady.

2008 SP Authentic - Junk wax, hold out for $45

2008 Finest Football - If you can get these for less than $75, all day long. Perhaps my favorite product of the year.

2008 Finest Baseball - Meh Redemptions have expired $45-$55. You can't touch the for less than $70.

2009 Donruss Elite at more than $45-$50 - base cards are worthless, parallels are too, inserts are a joke and the hits suck.

2009 Topps Finest Baseball at more than $65 - at least the refractors and base cards have some value.

2008 Heroes Baseball - $50 or so a box is a good price - Base cards worthless, the hits can be a lot of fun. Not a fan of some of the sticker autos

2008 Heroes Football - $50 - $60 a box is a good price. Autos are nice and much better than 09. Again, base cards are worthless. Patches are 1-2 per case.

2008 UD Masterpieces Football - Don't pay more than $50 for these. Base cards are worthless but they are nice to collect. Unlike heroes where you couldn't pay me to build a set, this one is a bit challenging and nice. I do like the parallels and the patches. The autos are much higher quality than the baseball counterparts.

2008 Masterpieces Baseball - No more than $40 for these. The autos are horrible, though there is potential. I like my Moose and my Palmer, but if I get one more Teabagin, Gorzanolongerinbaseball or Edwin No One Cares, I will be pissed. I do like the base set.

And the worst break of them all 2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball. Wow, talk about a crappy break. Check out the Rip Party. Wow, wow, wow, not a hit worth more than a few dollars out of what appeared to be 1000's of dollars worth of packs. Boxes, not worth more than $30 or so.

2009 Legendary Cuts
I haven't busted any,but I did get a question of my thoughts. The cut autos that fall how they do in the case are enticing. I have a hard time paying that kind of cash for a box. Let's not kid ourselves, we don't buy these types of boxes for the base.

Let me see if I can do this on a per box break.

So $90 a box for

1 Mystery Cut Signature redemption card per case - $200-$300 for the redemption, $90-$300 for most autos, of course there are some huge ones out there
1 20th Anniversary Memorabilia card per case - $5-$20
2 on card autographs per case - $ 50-$200
4 Memorabilia cards - The jersey cards on average are $4-$10 shipped, There are some big hits to be had that you can get $30-$60. I am not sure how common those cards are. Even if you pull one you are along way from getting your money's worth. I think the higher dollar jerseys will drop in price by quite a bit.
7 20th Anniversary cards - WORTHLESS! I hate these damn cards.

Given the hits that are out there, I don't see this as a horrible break per se,but it could be. I can easily see 4 worthless jerseys coming out of a box. Maybe $50-$60 a box. What I would do is buy half the case to see if I could pull the mystery cut maybe a couple decent jerseys and maybe one of the case autos. I would never buy this a box or two at a time. At least with Legendary cuts, the case hit could be a monster. I do hate this product for cutting up auto'd baseball cards and photos, just give me the whole thing. Why? Cut checks, I would rather have the whole check but I get it. Autos on postcards and things I don't get too worked up about. 2007 and 2008 are a better value to me, more cut autos.

Why the Lakers are the best franchise.

While other teams are always chasing the top draft picks, teams like the Lakers and Celtics are usually making due with the 20th pick or lower. I'm not downplaying the Celts or the Bulls, but take away Jordan, and the Bulls never were. The difference between the Lakers and the Celtics is that the Lakers have been successful on a more consistent basis. Look at the last 30 years. The lakers have won 9 titles and played in 15 championships. In that time the Lakers have had two years where they have drafted high. Some guys named Magic and Worthy.

Other than that, the Lakers have made due with low pics. Divac was a 26th pic. Kobe wasn't picked by the Lakers. This year, the Lakers had three picks and decided that with a $74 million payroll, and the lack of a compelling player in the draft, to sell their picks.

Draft picks are often fools gold. Sure they work out: Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, LeBron, Dwade, D Howard, and a few others, but every year 55 players turn out to be busts or average at best.

The funny thing is that the Lakers sold their 29th pick for cash and a future draft pick. Built in profit right there. The Lakers then sold their 42nd pick for 1.5 mil and another second round pick. Yup more profit. The Lakers did nothing and made money on it. And why not?

The Lakers won the title this year and were in the Finals the year before that. They are lousy with talent right now. Gee should I resign Ariza, Odom, Brown, or ditch the proven talent and sign a pig in a poke? Don't forget the Hedo is out there and would give his left nut to play for the Lakers. In addition there is some guy named Morrison on their roster. Adam may not have done much yet, but he played for the Bobcats for Christ sake and he suffered a knee injury he is still recovering from. Not too bad of a position to be in eh?

In contrast, the clippers constantly pick up at the top of the draft. Ironically they drafted Odom. Odom isn't a lead player, but he is a hell of a 2nd or 3rd on your roster. Consider Dwade, Odom and Shaq. Lebron, Odom and Shaq. Kobe, Odom and Gasol. Pierce Odom and KG. See how easy that is to think of, yet teams like the Clippers can't seem to do that. They just pick year after year and then after the give the player some experience, then the good franchises pick them up.

This extends to Football as well. How many years have the Lions picked at the top? The Browns, Raiders, etc. The funny thing is that a lot of franchises complain how difficult it is when they are newer. Panthers anyone?

In closing consider another low round pick. He was picked 24th in 1996, a very strong draft class. Iverson, Allen, Marbury, Nash, Oneil. Perhaps you have heard of him, Derek Fisher, picked by the lakers. How do you think the NBA liked his 24th pick ass as he knocked down those stone cold 3's against the Magic?

Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Topps Finest Box Prices

You may recall my view that, although I like topps finest cards, I didn't see the boxes being worth all that much. Well, prices have been steadily dropping. In fact, Blowout has them for $555 a case, which is just under $70 a box. Their per box price is $73.

When they get to $55, as long as it is before the redemptions expire, I'll buy boatloads of them.

Sometimes it is difficult to predict what will happen with box prices. Take Mayo Football for example. Presell was $560 a case or $75 a box when purchased per box. As the delay continued, prices rose to $90+ with an occasional ebay box in the $60's to $70's. Those occasional prices hold true today, however, DA and blowout still sell boxes at $90+. I was sure that prices would drop regardless of the cut in production, especially considering the changes to the auto checklist. Plus 2 hits per box is nothing great even though the autos are on card.

Contrast Mayo with murad. Murad was running in the $70's per box and about that by the case as well. Production was cut to 599 hobby cases and I can't imagine there was much retail produced. The odd thing is that at 3 hits per box, at least that is what I averaged over my case, the boxes have dropped in price quite significantly. I bought at $54 a box shipped. The cards are sticker auto, but the checklist is good. Right now you can get boxes for $50 by the case.

Football is much more popular than Basketball, but there are quite a few collectors out there. The thing is that Basketball is purely a high end product catagory. Black and Exquisite rule the roost. The difference being that you will not find Kobe, MJ, or LeBron in Topps products.

Update on Baseball Group Break

The second box of 2009 Topps Heritage will arrive July 1 or July 2. I ordered a box from DA so I could guarantee that we would get it shortly.

Due to Allen and ginter being delayed and the shipping time involved, July's break will be 2 boxes of SPX which I ordered from DAcardworld and 2 boxes of 2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo.

2009-2010 upper deck draft- thoughts on ud's decision to cancel.

It was announced that upper deck had cancelled 2009-10 ud draft. The announcement was made last week and if todays draft was any indication, it is clear why. Upper deck saw little potential in this years class. I don't know much about Blake Griffen but I have no problem accepting that he will be a fine player, I might even buy Tyler H., but the rest of the class seems lackluster at best. The guy from davidson seems ok. In contrast to the last two years, oden, durant, mayo, rose, love, lopez, lopez, all recognizable names and thy showed skill in college. This would have been a big investment by ud and given all the jerseys and autos would have to be used up in this product ud's decision makes sense.

Just my two cents.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 1 of 7

Here they are, the much maligned 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football. I got these for an average of $53 a box on average.

The Base Cards: These will only have value on the recycled paper market. Collation was good. Quality control was good, except as noted below.

By the Way, Lazy much UD?

Why UD included Guitar Heroes in the 2009 version, I have no idea. Many of the pics from 2008 to 2009 are the same.

The Parallels: You get 5 parallels /99 or less per box. I got everything I was supposed to

The Jerseys:
Collation was not great as I got a lot of doubles. The double I got were good though.

The autos: I liked last years better. I liked the white signing space because the auto really popped. This year the autos are kind of hard to see. Compare:
Let me know what you think, but the 08's are better. BTW, I just ordered 5 more boxes of 08's.
Now on to the Quality Control issue. Notice the slightly off center cards. Not all of the autos are like this, but a substantial number are.
Also, do the corners look sharp to you? Well, they might not look so bad in the pic, but in person, none of the autos I received had sharp corners, they just don't look right. The autos were the only cards that suffered from any type of defect.

I would complain to UD about the QC issues with the autos, but its so much work and whatever.

Overall, I like heroes, the parallels are fine, the jersey cards are ok, and the auto are ok. Be warned, this is a collectors set only. Do not attempt to flip this stuff. There are big hits to be found, but the autos and jerseys are a dime a dozen. Also, this product is a swing and a miss for $90 a box. Wait a year or so and pick this stuff up for $50-%60. Two on card autos and jerseys are pretty nice but I would advise to pick up the cards you want as singles. Your chances to pull them are small and they will be cheap as chips.

Verdict: Fun to open, not worth more than $50-$60 a box.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Victims of the dtsportscards123123 fiasco

I have had 2 emails today from victims of the dtsportscards123123 fiasco. Two individuals out there that are being strung along by this seller. If you recall, I received a full refund. The seller stated that he would honor all the sales, but his ebay account had been hacked so that is why it would take so long to sort out the mess.

Youtube Video on dtsportscards123123

I caught wind of the issues when I hadn't received a tracking number from him and I went to his ebay page to investigate. I learned that his account had been suspended and he had been removed from ebay. I immediately sent an email and filed an paypal claim.

I want to be clear that the story from dtsportscards might very well be true.

Please send me an email if you are caught in this web as I might be able to put you in contact with other victims.

So far I have had specific hits from Brooklyn, Rochester, Akron, Hialeah, and Columbus.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 7 of 7

Box 7 of 7

The parallel:

The Jersey:
This isn't the last of All Day you have seen in my Heroes breaks. Muhahahahaha.

The Autos:

I really enjoyed this break. The 6 boxes I bought were well below the cost of a year ago. I paid less for these than any price currently on Ebay. I haven't seen a cheaper price yet. I got my one box that I bust some months ago for less, but that was a fluke.
oh wait:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Readers are often interested in cards that I pull from boxes. Here are some cards I am willing to trade for. As in I want them. I will even buy from you if you prefer.

2007 Ultimate Football base cards

2007 - 2008 Masterpieces Football and Baseball serial numbered frame parallels

2008 Masterpieces Patches, not jerseys, but patches:

2005 Topps baseball Patches

and Midsummer Covers

2001-2005 Topps Chrome Football Jerseys and Patches

2006-07 Topps Big Game All star Jerseys and patches

2007 and 2008 Topps football Pro Bowl Patches, not jerseys, Patches

2007 Topps TX Ticket to Hawaii Patches /49

Once again 70's Topps Cards and Wax- not that rare

I always keep my eye open for things that make me look like I know what I am talking about. Previously I blathered on about 1975 Topps Mini's not being rare. Father Itcher commented that singles are not rare, but the wax is. I ran across two examples of many releases that lead me to believe that I am correct.

First: An example of a high number 61 Topps box missing just one pack. One box does not make the amount of wax out there seem like a lot but the fact is that if a kid thought to keep a box worth of packs sealed than how many are out there? I say quite a few.

Second, third, fourth and fifth and sixth: Note how all of them are guaranteed, I know I know they could be full of crap, to have been pulled from a sealed case. I know I know, everything is technically pulled from a sealed case. Again, how many cases does it take to make this stuff not rare. In my opinion, if there are 100 unopened boxes of any of this stuff, it isn't rare. Look on the bay when you get a chance. Do a search for 197* topps box. Sort high price to low. Sealed boxes at exorbitant prices regularly. Can you pick them up at the corner market? No, butyou can get anything you want.

Don't get me started on 80's wax. I'm looking at you early 80s hockey and football. Oh yeah, 86 fleer basketball? Please.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 6 of 7

The Parallels:

The Jerseys:

The Autos:

Monday, June 22, 2009

June Monthly Baseball Box Busters 2009 Heritage Box 1

Finally, one box got here. I hate this seller, but he did send me all 7 boxes of Heroes. I opened them, man is Holy Hitter and Gellman going to be mad at me. Well maybe not Gellman, because he doesn't like that sort of thing.

The video:

june boxbusters 2009 heritage box 1 from Jeff Dover on Vimeo.

The Buyback:

A couple of Chromes: We didn't get any Black Chrome but we got 4 and 1 refractor.

A short print of which we got 8

The Jersey:

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 5 of 7 - Oh Beardy!

So after my first box and the Flacco parallel, one young Prince Beardman of Maryland emailed asking of his ability to acquire any Flacco Du Baltimore that I may have in my collection after the 2009 Breaking of Heroes. I let him in on the secret:

and a nice auto in and of itself

Both are sweet sigs indeed. But if one is to complete his quest, he must have his royal cloth to wear.

Oh Count Broyle, you haunt our boxes.

A rare jewel: