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Saturday, June 6, 2009

2008 SP Authentic Football Impressions

Yup, I know this product has been out forever, but I was finally able to bust 3 boxes for the Sports Cards Uncensored June Box Busters. This stuff runs between $80 a box and $100. I paid $96 each. I paid a little more for guaranteed delivery and to make sure the boxes came from a good source.

The Base Set: Who Cares. Nobody is dropping $100 on a box and then worrying about the base set.

The Rookie /1399: Out of 3 boxes, we got 1. It was a Cowboy so its mine, but it was of a no name. What the hell? There are 100 of these in the set. Good luck with these. That just shows you how many cases were made of this stuff. For example, There are 999 each of the 40 Tier 1 rookies and 1399 of the 60 Tier 2. A little quick math puts you at 39,960 Tier 1 and and 83,940 of the Tier 2. Consider that a few are held back for damaged card replacements and you get roughly 122,000 boxes of SP Authentic. This is a minimum especially if not every box has one in it. Damn that is a lot of cases.

The Hits: Even when you consider these are $100 boxes, I was very pleased with the hits. In fact, I ordered two more boxes for myself. Hopefully they will be here Monday.

One caveat, there are a lot of wasted auto in this set. Nothing like getting 2 Dj Halls in 3 boxes to make you jump for joy. Almost like all those Booby Gibsons I got in my 07-08 SPX Basketball Case. I know that the Tom Brady/Kurt Warner thing makes people want to go for the low round guys, but unless the pick is an extremely high Defensive/Offensive line guy, don't waste the cardboard or ink. I am ok with QB's,RB's and WR's.

With these rookie patch autos, if there is a player you want, just buy that card. Your chances of getting that card is so remote. If you are a case buster then obviously that advice doesn't apply.

Look for two box breaks of SP Authentic, 2 boxes of Rookie threads in the next week. Oh yeah and 7 boxes of 09 heroes, 3 boxes of Magic, 2 boxes of Icons, and 2 boxes of Elite.

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