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Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Topps Finest Box Prices

You may recall my view that, although I like topps finest cards, I didn't see the boxes being worth all that much. Well, prices have been steadily dropping. In fact, Blowout has them for $555 a case, which is just under $70 a box. Their per box price is $73.

When they get to $55, as long as it is before the redemptions expire, I'll buy boatloads of them.

Sometimes it is difficult to predict what will happen with box prices. Take Mayo Football for example. Presell was $560 a case or $75 a box when purchased per box. As the delay continued, prices rose to $90+ with an occasional ebay box in the $60's to $70's. Those occasional prices hold true today, however, DA and blowout still sell boxes at $90+. I was sure that prices would drop regardless of the cut in production, especially considering the changes to the auto checklist. Plus 2 hits per box is nothing great even though the autos are on card.

Contrast Mayo with murad. Murad was running in the $70's per box and about that by the case as well. Production was cut to 599 hobby cases and I can't imagine there was much retail produced. The odd thing is that at 3 hits per box, at least that is what I averaged over my case, the boxes have dropped in price quite significantly. I bought at $54 a box shipped. The cards are sticker auto, but the checklist is good. Right now you can get boxes for $50 by the case.

Football is much more popular than Basketball, but there are quite a few collectors out there. The thing is that Basketball is purely a high end product catagory. Black and Exquisite rule the roost. The difference being that you will not find Kobe, MJ, or LeBron in Topps products.


Offy said...

Yeah, I bought high on this when it first came out. Luckily, I pulled a Price auto letter and those were also going for a lot more when the set first came out so it was a wash. I'd still like to complete the set so I'll be watching the box prices as well. Topps did such a good job with the value in their HTA jumbos this year that it makes something like Finest look like you're getting nothing.

stusigpi said...

The Jumbos are nice, but Series 1 boxes run $130 minimum. I don't buy them because I am not a fan of the hits.

To give you an idea I paid $625 for the group break case. That included shipping. At the time that was $100 less than any other price I saw. I think it was shipped directly from Topps too.