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Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 1 of 7

Here they are, the much maligned 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football. I got these for an average of $53 a box on average.

The Base Cards: These will only have value on the recycled paper market. Collation was good. Quality control was good, except as noted below.

By the Way, Lazy much UD?

Why UD included Guitar Heroes in the 2009 version, I have no idea. Many of the pics from 2008 to 2009 are the same.

The Parallels: You get 5 parallels /99 or less per box. I got everything I was supposed to

The Jerseys:
Collation was not great as I got a lot of doubles. The double I got were good though.

The autos: I liked last years better. I liked the white signing space because the auto really popped. This year the autos are kind of hard to see. Compare:
Let me know what you think, but the 08's are better. BTW, I just ordered 5 more boxes of 08's.
Now on to the Quality Control issue. Notice the slightly off center cards. Not all of the autos are like this, but a substantial number are.
Also, do the corners look sharp to you? Well, they might not look so bad in the pic, but in person, none of the autos I received had sharp corners, they just don't look right. The autos were the only cards that suffered from any type of defect.

I would complain to UD about the QC issues with the autos, but its so much work and whatever.

Overall, I like heroes, the parallels are fine, the jersey cards are ok, and the auto are ok. Be warned, this is a collectors set only. Do not attempt to flip this stuff. There are big hits to be found, but the autos and jerseys are a dime a dozen. Also, this product is a swing and a miss for $90 a box. Wait a year or so and pick this stuff up for $50-%60. Two on card autos and jerseys are pretty nice but I would advise to pick up the cards you want as singles. Your chances to pull them are small and they will be cheap as chips.

Verdict: Fun to open, not worth more than $50-$60 a box.


Offy said...

Upper Deck's cards regularly come out of packs in terrible condition. The thinner the card stock, the worse the problem. It's one of the main reasons why I tend to stay away from Upper Deck products until they make their regularly scheduled drop in price about a year after release.

Groat said...

I'm going to have to agree with you about the exclusion of an auto 'area.' This year's auto cards look like TTMs more than certified autos. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the 'graphs are absolutely hard to see. I think it could also open up the fakers to simply signing a parallel and calling it a certified auto. There doesn't seem to be any real differentiation, on the front of the card at least, between the parallels and autos.

stusigpi said...

The backs of the cards reference the fact that the card is autod. But as we have seen some buyers don't know that and they buy fakes.