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Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Box 3 of 7

Box 3

The Jerseys:

The Autos:
Sen'Derrick Marks. Off Center, slightly blunted corners, the auto barely shows up, the photo highlights it, very hard to see in person.
Vonte Davis - Easier to see the auto, still off center, slightly blunted corners.

These autos are absolutely terrible. Upper Deck really dropped the ball here. Blue ink into a blue jersey. The corners aren't sharp, the cards are off center. It is kind of funny actually. 2009 UD Heroes will go down as a flub. Really good product poor, poor execution. YOU MESSED UP THE AUTOS. I know UD reads by blog, kind of curious if they discuss the comments at all. Some days I get quite a few hits, other days one or two hits. Do they think my comments don't matter or do the people that read not have any input on the products.

Anyway, I wonder if UD had internal discussions about these autos?


Captain Canuck said...

I would imagine on card autos are very hard to keep sharp corners. Especially for vets when they're shipped, signed, and shipped again.

No excuse for the off centering though.

And what the hell is it with you and pulling A.P???

stusigpi said...

The 2008's didn't suffer from this. Finally pulling AP stuff. I didn't pull anything all of last year. The corner blunting is all the same, something tells me the damage hapened at the same time. It is all consitent. Maybe the people that pack it out aren't card handlers and just didn't care.

grant said...

looks like a bad batch of auto's, there were just way to many. Could you imagine what kind of grade you would get from these from just what I see from the scans not to good! I won't be buying any of this product this year On card auto's are great but the they find a way to ruin them? If a UD representivive is present then they should be able to ensure these cards are in great condition or at least make it clear to whoever has them that they are to be handled with care! they are the hits of the damn product they should go the extra mile to ensure you get a nice card. It's that simple, There isn't any excuses. Just my humbe oipinion. Grant