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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The art of the group break.

The SCU monthly football group break is in full swing. The teams have been randomed off. I did very well... on the surface.

I drew the Raiders, falcons, and colts. The question becomes: why on earth would I trade the Falcons for the Cowboys? Simple, the cowboys have a ton of good hits. Aikman, smith, jones, etc, whereas the falcons have Matt Ryan. I am simply playing the odds. Bang for the buck. Every once in a while the big hit shows up. Sweet spot gold Peterson auto AND the regular jersey card.

Either way I have a good team. In national treasures and other HOF heavy products, I'll take the bears, skins, lions, packers or any of the historic franchises over a shot at a hot rookie. Having said that a Ryan pull is a lock in this break.

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