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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Basketball Anyone?

Baseball is the undisputed king of collecting. Football is my favorite to collect these days. I have said billions of times that the way Rookies are brought along in Football gives it the advantage over Baseball in value. But what about Basketball.

No product has the potential for more massive hits than basketball. Upper Deck's auto checklists are awesome. Odds are a bit tough, but when you consider that Rookies are brought along similar to football, Basketball has huge value.

One of those products that fascinates me is Rookie threads. Both Football and Basketball for that matter. I accept the fact, especially after opening a case of 07-08 SPX, that there are junk hits everywhere or are there? Most of the players are recognizable. Even a single color LeBron or Kobe is still a good hit. The only players I have difficulty with are some of the draft cards of the 20 and up guys.

So my question is: Is there any interest in a monthly Basketball Box Busters Club?

I'm talking 10 spots, 3 teams per spot. $40-$50 bucks a spot. Higher end product only. Rookie threads, SPX, Exquisite is always a possibility. Few spots with the most potential for return, or at least good cards. I know there aren't many basketball guys or girls out there so thats why.


Pop Startled said...

I'd definitely be interested in a basketball break. How about less frequently, but for a higher amount...do a case break once every three months?

stusigpi said...

Case break would be a great idea. I agree probably a once a quarter type thing. Or $1000 worth of product $150 buy in.

Ross said...

I could see myself getting in on that if you do it one every three months or so...