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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The BGS 10 Montana

Almost 66k. Gellman has commented on it. Mario has commented on it. I even commented on it at the Beckett Blog. All the various comments say a lot. Grading is a scam, I agree to a point. Its a coffin for a card, a dumbshit comment if I ever heard one. A case is a case. I'm not going to feel up my card. Any case is fine. Don't be a douche and pretend you are superior because you are too good for grading cases, especially with all the fakes out there. If I am dropping a ton of cash on a card $10 is a small price to pay to know the card is legit. I know Gellman says you shouldnt have low numbered cards graded. With all the fake patches out there, maybe its a good idea in certain cases.

But here is mine.

I like graded cards. I said it and I don't care. I like to know that my Ripken Rookie, my Taylor, my Marino are nr mt. They aren't creased, trimmed or whatever. But I do draw the line.

I will buy a 5,6 ,7 8, or 9 depending on the card. I might pay a small, very small, premium if its a 9. I have hundreds of graded cards. from 4-10. I never pay to have them graded myself and rarely does the graded version cost me more than a buck or two more than the raw card. After all of that, I have come to one conclusion.

An 8 is a damn nice card and there is no need to pay for anything more. 9's and 10's are for morons. I have looked 8 and 9's over with a magnifying glass and it is almost impossible to spot differences. In fact, I have some 8's that have fewer defects than some of my 9's.

Its a subjective process and if the grader is pissed or has an ulterior motive, the grading can be skewed. Plus, you may be getting scammed anyway. Think what can be done with a laser cutter that can shave off 1/128 from all the sides. Cleans up some chipping, sharpens those corners just enough to go from a 7 to an 8 or an 8 to a 9. Not that it matters, its a secret and if no one knows the truth the card is whatever grade it says it is. Remember that is 1/64 smaller. Nobody can tell.

Anyway, 65k for a 10 of a $50 card is stupid. The card can be damaged in the holder, etc. You have too much to lose. If I was buying a high dollar card I would put that bastard under a microscope.

My point is, an 8 is a sweet card. I never say to myself "boy I wish that was a 9". As Hackler said in response to my comment. You can buy your favorite arena league team with the cash you have left. Me, I would buy an 8 and go to Paris for a month with the rest.

Anyone that pays that much for a card is the like the fucktard that ownes the San Francisco Giants and thinks he knows something about baseball. How do you like Randy Winn now? .275, Yup Best in the league you dick. At least they gave the unit a shot to get to 300W and 5000K.


grant said...

I was looking at a greg halman 08' sterling auto on ebay that was alredy graded a 9.5 BGS that was the same price as a regular sterling auto so I bid on the graded one I figure at least it comes with a case and hopefully is a good looking card of a prospect I actually hope will do something if he does then I have a nice graded card that cost theh same. I don't send in cards to have them graded but if I can grab one that already is and not pay a shitload more why not? If nothing wlse it's a free case Grant

stusigpi said...

I agree, why not get a graded one if you can if it doesn't cost much more.

grant said...

After seeing that fake Peterson patch I'm starting to wonder! How many people would know that was a Fake? I'm not gonna drop over 200.00 on an auto especcially on ebay with that shi* going on. I don't know it's kind of like my mays baseball I had signed at a show by the man himself standing there watching him sign it. 20 years later have 3 card shops look at it and tell me it's a fake? Since I was there and I'm sure it wasnt a body double for willie mays ( I know it was him bcuz he was grumpy an not freindly at all) At least I have the memory of it, I suppose not gonna sell it EVER anyway. But I can't believe after getting back into the hobby the lengths people go to rip off other collectors. So much for shiny stickers and holograph certificates. Grant

--David said...

I have purchased graded cards when I could not find non-graded versions of the same card. If grading were honest, I'd have a higher opinion of it, but since even the grading companies are known to swap out cards, you never really know if it's the 'real' 9 or another card the douchebag at the grading place stuck in there to call a 9. Then again, I don't care either way -- all my graded cards get busted out of the shell. Yeah, the whole 'get your hands on it' come into play a bit, but really, I can't put a graded card easily into my 9-pocket pages, and that's how I collect. Like anything in the world of collectibles - to each his own. :-)

grant said...

David, you put that BGS ten Montana in a 9 pocket page! What the hell man? Just kiddin! Yeah at the end it's totally up to the collector and how he likes his collection. I would'nt mind having a few of my really special cards graded if the process was known NOT to be flawed! I think if you had a grading company or process that was honest it would be cool to have a few nice cards graded. However, as it stands now I would never even trust sending my cards to beckett grading svs's. Just like most of us I could rant about Beckett all day but they were doing stupid sh** 20 years ago and I don't think that's gonna change. Grant