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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boxes that just aren't worth the price

To be clear, I don't gauge a box break on whether I get my money back out of it or not, I open boxes because it is exciting. I just don't want to feel like I got totally jobbed on it.

2009 Upper Deck heroes at more than $50-$60 - Base cards are worthless hits are ok

2008 SP Authentic Football - These run $90 a box if you keep your eyes open on the bay, $96 - $100 if you buy them from DA, Blowout, BigT etc. Make no mistake, the base cards are a joke. You are paying $35 a hit, but this product has a ton of potential, you might end up with a loser rookie auto here and there, but as you saw from the SCU 3 box group break I did, there was 1 really nice hit in each box.

2008 Leaf Limited Football - $100 a box $80 if you happen to catch one in the bay. I like limited. The base cards are nice, but are not a consideration in determining value. Four hits, I have gotten as many as five, but I have been impressed with the hits generally and think these are nice boxes even at the price. Two boxes of LCM, threads, etc don't equal the potential of one box of Limited. Other Donrini products are worth $40-$50 to me. I will sometimes pay more if the mood strikes.

2007 SP Authentic Baseball - if you can answer yes to the following three questions, you should purchase this product. Boxes can be had for $50-$60. Not even close to the Football version. You get two manautopatch per box:
1. I like autographed manupatches
2. I like baseball.
3. I consider myself a rookie guy or lady.

2008 SP Authentic - Junk wax, hold out for $45

2008 Finest Football - If you can get these for less than $75, all day long. Perhaps my favorite product of the year.

2008 Finest Baseball - Meh Redemptions have expired $45-$55. You can't touch the for less than $70.

2009 Donruss Elite at more than $45-$50 - base cards are worthless, parallels are too, inserts are a joke and the hits suck.

2009 Topps Finest Baseball at more than $65 - at least the refractors and base cards have some value.

2008 Heroes Baseball - $50 or so a box is a good price - Base cards worthless, the hits can be a lot of fun. Not a fan of some of the sticker autos

2008 Heroes Football - $50 - $60 a box is a good price. Autos are nice and much better than 09. Again, base cards are worthless. Patches are 1-2 per case.

2008 UD Masterpieces Football - Don't pay more than $50 for these. Base cards are worthless but they are nice to collect. Unlike heroes where you couldn't pay me to build a set, this one is a bit challenging and nice. I do like the parallels and the patches. The autos are much higher quality than the baseball counterparts.

2008 Masterpieces Baseball - No more than $40 for these. The autos are horrible, though there is potential. I like my Moose and my Palmer, but if I get one more Teabagin, Gorzanolongerinbaseball or Edwin No One Cares, I will be pissed. I do like the base set.

And the worst break of them all 2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball. Wow, talk about a crappy break. Check out the Rip Party. Wow, wow, wow, not a hit worth more than a few dollars out of what appeared to be 1000's of dollars worth of packs. Boxes, not worth more than $30 or so.

2009 Legendary Cuts
I haven't busted any,but I did get a question of my thoughts. The cut autos that fall how they do in the case are enticing. I have a hard time paying that kind of cash for a box. Let's not kid ourselves, we don't buy these types of boxes for the base.

Let me see if I can do this on a per box break.

So $90 a box for

1 Mystery Cut Signature redemption card per case - $200-$300 for the redemption, $90-$300 for most autos, of course there are some huge ones out there
1 20th Anniversary Memorabilia card per case - $5-$20
2 on card autographs per case - $ 50-$200
4 Memorabilia cards - The jersey cards on average are $4-$10 shipped, There are some big hits to be had that you can get $30-$60. I am not sure how common those cards are. Even if you pull one you are along way from getting your money's worth. I think the higher dollar jerseys will drop in price by quite a bit.
7 20th Anniversary cards - WORTHLESS! I hate these damn cards.

Given the hits that are out there, I don't see this as a horrible break per se,but it could be. I can easily see 4 worthless jerseys coming out of a box. Maybe $50-$60 a box. What I would do is buy half the case to see if I could pull the mystery cut maybe a couple decent jerseys and maybe one of the case autos. I would never buy this a box or two at a time. At least with Legendary cuts, the case hit could be a monster. I do hate this product for cutting up auto'd baseball cards and photos, just give me the whole thing. Why? Cut checks, I would rather have the whole check but I get it. Autos on postcards and things I don't get too worked up about. 2007 and 2008 are a better value to me, more cut autos.


Box Opener said...

What do you think of 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball? I think it's still pricey at 90 bucks a box. Although, I've busted a half case and came out a little ahead of cost and still have a lot of stuff leftover.

Box Opener said...

What I got out of my half case of 2009 Legendary Cuts:

1)1 Cut Signature of Bob Shawkey
2)1 Mystery Redemption Card
3)1 Josh Willingham on card Auto
4)1 Ovechkin 20th Anniversary Memorabilia Card (only one of Ovechkin I've seen so far)
5) A ton of Jersey Cards
6)Almost 4 complete base sets
7)14 Shortprinted cards

All in all a fun break.

stusigpi said...

Well that is the key. You had fun and that is what matters.

$720 is a lot of cash, I think there are better boxes to be had, although with baseball, legendary cuts might be at the top. I collect Football and Basketball as well. Frankly I don't buy much baseball.

Gellman said...

I think SPA FB is pretty much the best product on the market. Its a high end break at 1/3 the price, the cards look great and are all on card. There is also rumors of topps coming out with a product to directly compete with it, but we know that will be a joke.

stusigpi said...

I have no problem with that. SPA is a nice product. Maybe cut down on the number of packs in the box. Keep the hits the same though. The reason I like finest so much is because I like the refractors and such. Whereas all SPA base suck.

Maybe topps could do something with finest, but I'm not sure they could hit the price point with the cost of printing the cards. The base may suffer.

How about this, no single color jerseys or "patches", on card autos only. Tighten up the checklist a bit. Top 48 picks only.

You are probably right, it will suck.