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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dude, you paid $125 for that card - Comment on Upper Deck Black

We have all had the value debate before but sometimes discussions are to be had more than once.

2008/09 Upper Deck Black Basketball was released the other day and it is the hot box break on the blowout forums. The boxes run 226. Here is the rundown.

Essentially you get two "hits" per box. Here are the Ebay listings.

I agree that we should not be buying boxes hoping to get our money back out of them, but good lord when a Larry Bird patch is going for $75 bucks, that is a sad day indeed. That card seems like a pretty nice hit to me, but you are taking a $38 loss on that half of the box.

At least with Exquisite you get a chance at a few different cards. My point being that if you get a Larry Bird patch out of Exquisite, it is probably going to sell for the same price as the UD Black card. Exquisite comes out at $125 a card, so a few dollars more but you get 5 cards to see if you can get your money out. In addition, Exquisite is packed out, not based on dollar value, but based on tier level of cards. All Tier 1's are not equal in resale value so you might get 1 out of 5 that is great and 4 decent cards. So one card out of Exquisite that sells for $20 bucks is going to suck, but you aren't 50% down like you are if you got the same card out of Black.

Anyway, I'm just not seeing the value in this product at all. The market is becoming extremely flooded in LeBron, Kobe, Jordan and Russell autos. For example, this Bill Russell logo auto/10 sold for $100. Got $155? You could have had this Kareem/Magic auto. Wow. Just wow. Too many high end sets I suppose. These cards have lost their impact.

Anyway, the guys on the Blowout Forums are going crazy over this stuff. Don't get me wrong, there are some sweet cards here and I am still considering buying some Black and am all about my Exquisite break, although all that interest I had early on hasn't materialized into spot reservations, but if you are busting this stuff to make money you are just stupid. My point is you should buy this stuff to collect, not to sell. Hence, why are you so excited to bust those 3 boxes to resell when you have, at most $500 in cards and you have $700 into it. Way to sell those cards for $50-$75 when, dude, you paid $125 bucks for that card.


grant said...

A magic Kareem auto for $155 !! and Russell for $100! WTF? this is insane you know all this is going to do is make any Really great hits from any of the mid range products like Threads or Goudy & Chrome FN worthless. So becketts FN us with propaganda on how great these products are with there hand picked n delivered breaks Pulling insane hits ( just look at the threads preview pics every patch is 3 colored minimum 1/1 1/10 Like I'm gonna pull those. And not to mention the 100 rookies that are most likely not going to make pro ball /999 Whick I will pull. Now People are giving away Sweet pulls that would be in my mind some of the greatest pulls I have for nothing. So in a sense collectors are screwed either way.Good thing I don't collect for a profit! I guess the good thing is if you like magic or russell grab em! And I'm sick of lebron and Kobe cards dominating the sets ( Jordon I get) I really am and everyone can hate me for saying it. Sorry for the rant Good post Thanks, Grant

stusigpi said...

I haven't seen that many Kobe's. UD has made thousands of Jordan/lebron dual single autos patches, you name it. I am a Kobe/magic/kareem fan so I might shell out for that card.

As I said, there are too many high end sets. Exquisite yes black yes premier no ultimate no.