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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Finest Conundrum

The draw of Finest is 3 fold: Refractors, autos, and redemptions.

Finest Baseball and Basketball rely on redemptions, with basketball's reliance being the heaviest. As you know the 07/08 Finest redemptions expire on June 30, 2009. So the question becomes: Why are the boxes still selling for $70 plus?

Consider the fact that 07/08 finest has been a shit product. I have yet to see a good break. I busted 3 boxes and didn't get 1 auto worth a damn. Compare that to Finest Football 2008 where I have gotten many nice autos. ALso, the cards hold no secondary value except for the low print run auto's. Even those are dubious compared to how hard of a pull they are. Refractor lots, a box worth hell even a case worth, often sell for less than $10.

I suppose there are those ebay sellers that don't pay attention to their auctions like this guy. But what gives? How much value does the unopened product keep when the redemptions expire? BTW 06/07 Finest has been selling for $37 a box for almost a year now.


wdtwn said...

I've been wondering the same for some of the older releases. Not that it's on the same level as you're discussing, but I've seen boxes of mid-90s Fleer non-sports stuff go for 50-60 a box. I just can't understand why... I know production then was higher than it is now. I know cases and cases of this stuff exists. It's not like people are pulling comic-used pubic hairs out of these boxes... Just chase cards that are 1:6 packs maybe? I dunno.

stusigpi said...

Boxes you can't pull shit out of? Yeah I know what you are talking about. There are tons of those out there 85- 2002 sports. Exception 86-87 fleer bb and 86 topps fb. Everything else gives you nothng. 1993 finnedt bb 96-97 Topps chrome bb? Whatever.