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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is it just me?

or is the draw of the new product too strong to resist.

Last night's post was in no way ment to bash UD Black Basketball. There are some nice ass cards to be had, and some people have done very well in their breaks. Nor was I bashing the people that bust this product, only the ones that bust to sell. Sure some people are raking in cash as they seem to have gotten into awesome cases. LeBron, Jordan, Quads, Octos, but the cases are hit and miss.

Anyway, after my little rant, I started looking at cases. I have the opportunity to pick one up at much less that $200 a box. I had my finger on the trigger 4-5 times last night. Today, my mania has subsided. I know that these will be $160 a box in a few month time. Hell I have been picking up boxes at stupid low prices compared to what they were a few months ago. I have also been nailing some low pre sell prices as well. I just have to resist a few months longer.

One more plug for my high end breaks. 2 spots left for the 2007 Exquisite Football Case Break. Remember, everyone gets cards. 7 out of 8 will get 2 hits assigned randomly.

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Captain Canuck said...

new cards.... shiny.... my precious...