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Monday, June 1, 2009

June baseball box busters

Is closed to signups. July is now open for the 3 teams that were not purchased for June.

July break will be
2 2009 spx
2 2009 Allen and ginter.

Great question from Rod. In boxes with a lot of non baseball cards like Allen and ginter the cards will be placed in numerical order and given out in order starting at slot 1 and going down through the list until they are gone. In boxes with less than 30 they will be randomed off. Any non baseball hits will be randomed off. Any multiple team hits will be randomed between the teams on the card unless it's a now and then. The current team prevails.


Rod said...

Jeff, how are you going to distribute the non baseball cards from A&G

Pop Startled said...

For the July breaks, if you need more teams, you can assign out the Houston team. I'll keep the fish.

stusigpi said...


Thanks for the offer but as long as teams get paid for I don't care who has them. So if you want to keep them, I problem.

I'm actually surprised that no one picked the rangers or nationals because of the possible prime cuts hits. August will probably have another prime cuts box and probably Goodwin if they are out.

Prime cuts will probably be a fixture. If anone has ideas of whatthey want the breaks to include please post them.

grant said...

I was gonna go with the Ranger but I did'nt even pay to much attn to the possible hits especially considering there are not that many Mariners hits in wither I don't think? But I gotta stick with my team! Are the spots full? Grant

grant said...

Sorry I must have just missed the deadline. I did'nt see the last post that it was closed. Grant

grant said...

I'm in on the july break let me know if there are more teamsavailable for teh break I'll take them. Grant Any word on the Heritage break for June??

stusigpi said...

I emailed the seller of the heritage and have not gotten a response. He assured me that he was mailing them priority from LA last Thursday. I will post an update tomorrow evening.

grant said...

NO worries, Let me know about the June break as well I'd like to pick up another team if available. Grant which ever they are?