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Monday, June 22, 2009

June Monthly Baseball Box Busters 2009 Heritage Box 1

Finally, one box got here. I hate this seller, but he did send me all 7 boxes of Heroes. I opened them, man is Holy Hitter and Gellman going to be mad at me. Well maybe not Gellman, because he doesn't like that sort of thing.

The video:

june boxbusters 2009 heritage box 1 from Jeff Dover on Vimeo.

The Buyback:

A couple of Chromes: We didn't get any Black Chrome but we got 4 and 1 refractor.

A short print of which we got 8

The Jersey:

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Pop Startled said...

Finally got to see the video (darn you, work network blocks) and hooray for the Hanley Chrome! Definitely needed it for the Hanley PC. Well worth the break, thanks Jeff!