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Friday, July 17, 2009

List of Fraudulent Ebay Sellers and Auctions

Feel free to post your suspected ebay thieves and fraudulent auctions here. Please do so in the comments section. Include fake patches, autos, rip off sellers, etc.

Only because my site shows up in searches and people will search for this stuff.

Ebay Scammer

His Logo's and most of his high dollar Rookie autos are fakes.

goodbyeoldfriend - Fake logos and patches


Be Very Weary of

bronxcardz4u - Lebron/Michael Logos? Really dude $139 Really? But they come in a grading case. Really? Look at them!


Those are some nice logos to be /225

Some of his Exquisite patch autos seem to be authentic, but the logos are suspect.

mickeys-mantle - Too many high serial numbered cards with ridiculous patches to be real.

That is all


Captain Canuck said...



Pop Startled said...

It has to be fake...I have one of the buybacks and this isn't one. Maybe hand signed but why would this be serially limited?


FuriousD82 said...

Hey, I own the domain badcardtrader.com

If you want to host something there for free (as my contribution to the community) let me know via email dchaiken10@yahoo.com

I offered it to SCF but they were too confused by what I was offering LOL

Tim said...

See my latest blog note...

grant said...

sparkyrph7 Item # 110410293360 .

The worst Auto fake Iv'e seen for a mariner check out this great Bazooka Auto done in silver pen! LMFAO! There's already a signature on the card not an auto then in Silver pen written diagnally across the card in silver Pen is a huge AUTO ! Check it out I didn't realize bazooka was one f the few companies that actually have a Ichiro auto! ( which happens to be one of the rarest of the modern players) Pathetic


capewood said...

Hey Joe, are you posting from the future? Your post is dated in October 2009!

stusigpi said...

I am,I call it:

Cardzilla - Future Cards

Quick Story - Better than Ezra was on the radio the other day and they were talking about Rockzilla - Future Rock. I won't ruin it for you but see if you can find the story for yourself.

Voluntarheel said...


This guy has some obvious fake 2008 Topps Rookie Premier autos as well as a really bad Cutler.

These Topps Rookie Premier cards just won't quit.