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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rename the Cy Young award? Really?

See this Bozo's article here.

To which I responded:

Rename the Cy Young award? Really?

I appreciate the "stats" that you threw out there, but barnstorming, especially in those days, doesn't cut it for stats. Shoot, Paige was striking out people that hadn't held a bat before and probably wouldn't again. Are we going to start counting spring training game stats now?

The bottom line is, much like Babe Ruth, Cy Young SET THE STANDARD. Next you will be telling me that the MVP Award should be named after Barry "I thought it was flack seed oil" Bonds. What about an article renaming Lord Stanley's Cup? While you are at it care to rename Fenway or Wrigley?


Motherscratcher said...

There are a lot of other ways to draw attention to the fact that Satchel was an important historic figure and a great ballplayer. This is just stupid.

I can't believe that this guy does this for a living.

mmosley said...

I don't think you can discount Paige's "stats" so easily. When the MLBers played the Negro Leaguers, the players from the Negro League faired really well. I don't know if they should rename the award, but I'd take Paige over Young any day of the week. It's a shame he didn't play in the MLB anywhere close to his prime.

stusigpi said...

I can't find references to scrimmages that occurred. Not saying they didn't happen, just cant find a reference.

Why would you take Paige over Cy?

BTW, Cy was a pimp:

After one-hitting Boston on May 2, 1904, Philadelphia Athletics pitcher Rube Waddell taunted Young to face him so that he could repeat his performance against Boston's ace. Three days later, Young pitched a perfect game against Waddell and the Athletics.[a3] It was the first perfect game in American League history.[27] Waddell was the 27th and last batter, and when he flied out, Young shouted, "How do you like that, you hayseed?"

Waddell got Owned.

mmosley said...

Check this out. Lots of info and opinions in the comments.


Why would I take Paige? Aside from the fact that Young pitched in the late 1800's and early 1900's when baseball wasn't quite baseball, I like these references:

"Satch (Paige) was the greatest pitcher in baseball." - Ted Williams

"The best and fastest pitcher I've ever faced." - Joe DiMaggio

Ted and Joe were pretty good.