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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ridiculous Ebay Sellers

I have talked about crappy ebay sellers and we have talked about the worst or dumbest graded card, the sellers that are just plain ripping people off, but what about silly or ridiculous ebay sellers.

I submit to you: Justcollectcards

From PSA Fun food buttons, oh I know them well, to PSA 10 1981 Topps cards POP 1 or POP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Funny Valentines


Motherscratcher said...

I thought it was ridiculous too, until I saw that he is selling a 1981 Rick manning PSA 10 for only $65. And, that's 35% off! That is a steal.

I'd definately jump all over it if I didn't already have 5 of those cards.

Rod said...

i don't know what to say. But obviously someone is buying from him. He is preying on the ignorant.

Goch432 said...

I have bought 10+ graded early 60 - early 70s cards from them. They are actually good sellers. Usually his prices are nuts but keep an eye on them and they will come down eventually if no one else buys them. They have a business model that works and they aren't selling fake auto, jersey or patch cards.

stusigpi said...

He may be an ok seller and he does have some good stuff, but come on his auctions are silly. That is why I put him under ridiculous and not crappy or shady.

Shoot, I would be hard pressed to drop 20 on any card let alone a no name PSA 10 BS card. At least they arent BGGC or whatever those things are. GEM, etc.