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Friday, June 19, 2009

Uh, what do you call it?

Email trail between Me and GoldenBoy_sportcards

June 15, 2009
Please let me know when you have a tracking number. I think the 2009 heroes released to day. Please ship out all my boxes as soon as you can. Thanks.

June 16, 2009

yes the 2009 heroes release today, will start shipping some of your boxes tomorrow, thanks

June 18,2009
Please send me a tracking number when you get a chance

will start shipping some of your boxes tomorrow, the topps magic boxes will be ship next week not released yet. thanks

I needed those heritage boxes 2 weeks ago and you told me
you would ship them on the 18th. I am aware that magic and
icons aren't released yet so I will expect those sometime

June 19, 2009
I'm very sorry for the late response,couldn't shipped your boxes today, my daughter's graduation...this is not an excuse but I will ship the boxes tomorrow for sure, also I will refund you the shipping fees for the late shipment, if that ok, thanks

Dude, just ship the god damn cards.


Rod said...

someone you don't plan on dealing with again, i would hope.

stusigpi said...

Exactly. It amazes me that he would do this. I got such a good deal on the boxes that I want him to ship them. Not sure what his malfunction is. Boxes into flat rate priority box. Write address on label, pay, and ship. Its a 20 minute process.

thenennthinning said...

what do you think is going to happen? any news about the july baseball group break?

Captain Canuck said...

yeah, I'm having trouble with my guy shipping me my boxes too....


Rod said...

I have had two transactions cancelled in the last two weeks. First the seller misplaced the cards I had bought and paid for. Second the seller realized that he had listed the wrong group of cards. What is with these people, when I sell I keep everything very organized. both people won't get repeat business from me.