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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's with the crappy ebay sellers?

See my post about Golden Boy below. Him and I may have worked things out.

Next contestant on the popular game show "Rip Me Off" is dtssportscards123123.

I bought 9 boxes from this guy for a total of $956. I emailed him a couple of days ago to get a tracking number. I heard nothing. I went back to his profile today and found that he NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER. It's not like this guy is a fly by night 10 feedback guy. He has 17000+ and is/was a power seller.

Come on man. What the Hell?

After doing some group breaks and going through the process of packaging shipping singles, I do have some sympathy for those that sell singles by the hundreds. The people that sell unopened boxes? No way. Go to the post office, get some flat rate priority mail boxes and call it a day. Shipping UPS? Why?

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grant said...

Shi* man! What the Hel* you just are not having much luck lately! We got your back no worries if that means much. Sorry man your an honest guy I know that and it always ends up that some f us honest peole get the shaft! It's alright though Karhma's a bitch and in my case I'm sleeping with her! LOl But seriously you know a lot of us are on ur side. Grant