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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why the Lakers are the best franchise.

While other teams are always chasing the top draft picks, teams like the Lakers and Celtics are usually making due with the 20th pick or lower. I'm not downplaying the Celts or the Bulls, but take away Jordan, and the Bulls never were. The difference between the Lakers and the Celtics is that the Lakers have been successful on a more consistent basis. Look at the last 30 years. The lakers have won 9 titles and played in 15 championships. In that time the Lakers have had two years where they have drafted high. Some guys named Magic and Worthy.

Other than that, the Lakers have made due with low pics. Divac was a 26th pic. Kobe wasn't picked by the Lakers. This year, the Lakers had three picks and decided that with a $74 million payroll, and the lack of a compelling player in the draft, to sell their picks.

Draft picks are often fools gold. Sure they work out: Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, LeBron, Dwade, D Howard, and a few others, but every year 55 players turn out to be busts or average at best.

The funny thing is that the Lakers sold their 29th pick for cash and a future draft pick. Built in profit right there. The Lakers then sold their 42nd pick for 1.5 mil and another second round pick. Yup more profit. The Lakers did nothing and made money on it. And why not?

The Lakers won the title this year and were in the Finals the year before that. They are lousy with talent right now. Gee should I resign Ariza, Odom, Brown, or ditch the proven talent and sign a pig in a poke? Don't forget the Hedo is out there and would give his left nut to play for the Lakers. In addition there is some guy named Morrison on their roster. Adam may not have done much yet, but he played for the Bobcats for Christ sake and he suffered a knee injury he is still recovering from. Not too bad of a position to be in eh?

In contrast, the clippers constantly pick up at the top of the draft. Ironically they drafted Odom. Odom isn't a lead player, but he is a hell of a 2nd or 3rd on your roster. Consider Dwade, Odom and Shaq. Lebron, Odom and Shaq. Kobe, Odom and Gasol. Pierce Odom and KG. See how easy that is to think of, yet teams like the Clippers can't seem to do that. They just pick year after year and then after the give the player some experience, then the good franchises pick them up.

This extends to Football as well. How many years have the Lions picked at the top? The Browns, Raiders, etc. The funny thing is that a lot of franchises complain how difficult it is when they are newer. Panthers anyone?

In closing consider another low round pick. He was picked 24th in 1996, a very strong draft class. Iverson, Allen, Marbury, Nash, Oneil. Perhaps you have heard of him, Derek Fisher, picked by the lakers. How do you think the NBA liked his 24th pick ass as he knocked down those stone cold 3's against the Magic?


Offy said...

I agree with the post, but the Celtics have probably drafted better than any other team ever since Danny Ainge took over. They've consistently gotten a lot more than what was expected with low picks. They turned Al Jefferson and this year's pick into Kevin Garnett and currently have guys on the team like Rondo, Powe and Davis who are delivering a lot more than expected.

Even Pierce, while still a lottery pick, went a lot lower than he should have. He's the best player in the league that doesn't get a foul called if another player looks at him the wrong way.

Yes, the Lakers are great, but they did pick up Shaq for three championships and this most recent one had a lot ot do with the super lopsided trade that brought them Pau Gasol.

Heck, even when Rick Pitino was ruining thing for the Celtics, they were drafting guys like Joe Johnson and Chauncey Billups. They just happened to have a great college coach with no NBA experience that thought trades were like fantasy sports and dealt guys way too early and got nothing in return.

stusigpi said...

"He's the best player in the league that doesn't get a foul called if another player looks at him the wrong way."

Brother pleas. Kobe gets hacked like a movie whore in Texas Chainsaw massacre and nothing. People all up on his jersey.

The Lakers did pick up shaq. Everyone else could have done the same and nobody twisted Memphis' arm to give up Pau, he is a much better player now than he was on the Griz.

The lakers have had 3 lottery picks in their history. Again the Celtics are by far the 2nd best franchise. Sorry Bulls Fans, One dynasty does not a franchise make.

Offy said...

Sometimes I wonder if all fans think that about their best player. I know that I'd have to laugh in the face of any Bulls fan that tried to make that claim about Jordan. It always seems to stand out more when it goes in favor of the opponents and against your team. Just the nature of sports I guess.

stusigpi said...

The problem is the phonton calls and Kobe certainly gets those but go back and check out some of the games against the nuggets in this years playoffs. The officiating was horrific in that series. There were a couple places, especially in game three where I counted 2-3 smacks on the arm, no call.

Ever wonder why odoms jersey is always untucked, it's because it gets pulled out during the game. Iverson doesn't get calls that he should either, that guy gets beat to he'll but nobody likes him.

There was a period I'm the 90s when phantom calls were all over. Remember those guys that throw the ball in the air and yell to get the call?

Jordan would also foul someone and it would be called on someone else, that doesn't happen so much anymore.