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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The 08 Leaf Limited v. 08 National Treasures Group Break - 4 Spots left

Update: this break is going forward. I will pick up any in purchased spots, but I will not take the falcons or the ravens for myself when I randomize the left over teams unless one of them comes up on host spot. Signups end on August 7th.

Since there doesn't seem to be a regular football group break these days, How about this:

I wanted to write a series of articles facing off equivelant dollar amounts of mid-high v. High end. In this case 5 boxes of 2008 Leaf Limited versus 1 box of 2008 National Treasures. The 5 boxes sell for about the same as 1 box of 08 NT. The difference being that you get 20+ hits out of Leaf Limited and 5-6 out of NT. The high end hits are in NT, but I have busted 3 boxes of LL and liked it. I also want to do 5 boxes 08 SP authentic Football v. 1 2008 Exquisite Football. But I will leave that for another day.

There would be 16 slots. You get to pick one of your teams, the others would be randomized. Falcons and Ravens will be randomed off along with all the teams that don't get picked. Here is the great thing, most teams have a shot at some really nice hits. All the way from the Falcons, Ravens, Lions and Dolphins to the Panthers, Broncos and Cardinals. To make it fair, I will pick my team after everyone else has had a chance to pick. I don't want to pick someones team or make it seem like I am getting a jump on anyone

All on Youtube even the randomization. Here is the catch $65 per slot. Kind of expensive, but a ton of potential here. You can't even touch Leaf Limited for under $90 a box and National treasures is over $500 at most places. The great thing is that everyone gets cards. I know that some of you don't want the base and that's fine, I know that some of you do, that's ok as well, just let me know your preference. So sign up, let me know your favorite team, first come first served on teams. Trading is allowed amongst teams.

Paypal to Stusigpi@hotmail.com

I am targeting this break to occur on August 15th but it is possible the break will occur as early as August 7 or 8. I am planning on ordering these with the Bowman's Best Boxes.


1. IamJoeCollector (Host) - Rams
2. Captain Canuck - Cowboys (paid)
3. Darkship - Bears (paid)
4. HEB - raiders (paid)
5. Red bird - titans/ oilers (paid)
6. Box Opener - packers. (paid)
7. RichR - Dolphins (paid)
8. Bobby- panthers (paid)
9. Bobby- steelers (paid)
10. HEB - lions (paid)
11. Grant - Colts
12. Red Bird - 49ers (paid)
13. Texans
14. Chiefs
15. Vikings
16. Giants


Captain Canuck said...

looks like I'm in. maybe. probably. I think.

put me down for my Cowboys...

Box Opener said...

I'll take the 49ers, will send paypal now.

Pastor Justin said...


Just a suggestion. It might fill up faster if you sell the slots then random the order upon which people could pick teams.

When a team like the Cowboys gets picked right away alot of people then just don't buy in while if they still had a shot of selecting the Cowboys then they might buy in.

Just a thought.

Box Opener said...

Even having already picked my team, I agree with Pastor Justin, it might be a better idea to just split the list of teams in to two groups. "Good" hit teams and "Bad" hit teams. Everyone who pays for a slot would then get a randomly chosen team from each group. I know this is how some team breaks happen on some of the message boards.

stusigpi said...

I would tend to agree but given the nature of the break the list of good and bad teams doesn't work particularly well. There are easily 16 good hit teams here. The cowboys are a particularly good team to have, but so are the lions redskins, packers chiefs raiders etc. etc. With the ll checklist and national treasures checklist, this is a great break. Even the texans have Steve slaton, panthers have Jonathan Stewart, steelers on down the line. The exquisite spa break will have more teams excluded from the pick list in addition to ravens and falcons. Thanks foe the suggestion.

Box Opener said...

Actually can you switch my team from the 49ers to Packers, after taking a more detailed look at the LL list it probably makes more sense than going for the Montana or Rice in National Treasures.

stusigpi said...

No problem. There are quite a few team options here that can yield some great hits . Desean Jackson eagles, can't believe nobody has picked up the steelers yet.

Box Opener said...

Yea, I'm surprised more people aren't jumping on this break. I think you can get pretty good value for your money. I was torn between the 49ers, Steelers, Packers, Giants and Colts.

stusigpi said...

It might be the cost, or that people have to get home from work. If people want more than one slot they can have Ig for $60 if they pay at the same time.

Honestly, that's why I'm not worried about waiting till everyone has a shot to pick a team. All of the old school teams are fine with me. Browns chiefs, whatever. Anyway, if people have friends that might be interested, please let them know.

grant said...

I might get in on this but I'm sorry I hate the steelers ( I'm a seahawks fan so I CAN say that) and the Cowboys are taken I'll take a look at the potential and get back with you today. It's wither this or a hobby box of A&G or topps chrome when it's out Grant

Bobby said...

I'll take the Panthers

Bobby said...

Actually ill take 2, put me down for the steelers also

grant said...

OOH the Eagles and Colts huh.. Some potentiall there! I'm feeling good about this one and this Time I mean it. Crossing my fingers But best of luck to all of you! Grant