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Friday, July 31, 2009

2006 Leaf Limited

Fail! One hit per pox. Blowout special was $30 last week but normally run closer to $40. Why does everyone tell each other how great their breaks were when they were clearly hosed? Some of the poeple give honest feedback though. Contrast 2006 with 2008. 2008 runs $95 2.25X the price, but you get 4+ hits per box. Don't get me wrong there are some crappy boxes out there but at least you have a shot. Plus, the crappy hits in 2008 only cost you $24 each instead of $40. No way some of these cards bring $10

Check out some breaks. Here, here, the wayne is ok but close to $30?, here here here here (AJ Hawk, decent hit) here

Listen, I know opening wax is a gamble, but this was supposed to be pretty high end. One pack $40? Meh. Kevin Kolb like players are everywhere. Just no value here. By the case only.

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