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Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 Topps Mayo Retail Box 3 Video - Respect the Retail! - Sponsored by Blowout

Box 3

The Ocho


grant said...

Not to bad for retail. I didn't really get into this product to much just some blasters around 5 ( which I could have bought 2 of the retail boxes your showing! ) and of course no hits other then a few nice mini's and SP'S. But it looks lke your doing pretty well. How do you determine whether your doing better value wise as far as hits ( mini's SP'S auto's ETC..) VS. buying the hobby version?

stusigpi said...

First the hits:
I knew that autos AND jerseys were 1 per box or thereabouts and hobby is 2 per box maybe three, so essentially I would be paying $45 more for 1 hit. If there were 3-4 hits per hobby I would probably go with that.

I am collecting the set too. SP's, minis etc are just below what you get in hobby.

Contrast Mayo with SP Authentic. SP authentic does not have a decent base set to worry about. Nobody collects it and you get a set per box. The base cards are filler, so you are left with comparing hits. You get 3 autos/patches per box for $85 and maybe 1 per box in retail for $30 and the hits don't seem to be as good whereas mayo and murad they are all the same. Thus I would just end up with more crappy base cards and not save any money with sp authentic retail. With mayo I want the base cards and the hits.

grant said...

I see that makes perfect sense. I found that out the hardway with SP just like you said. I'm trying to set a goal this year and be a little it more diligent in what products I'm going to shoot for maybe 2 or three for a set and a few mid to high price range for some hits I got caught up in every product last year with out doing any homework and ended up with for example 4-7 duplicates with products like Goudey and heritage A-G ETC whole sets maybe 2 of each missing 4-10 cards.. mostly becuase I just bought to much retail ( and spent way to much $ the wrong way). I found out the hard way that the hits I wanted were either not even in the retail boxes/Packs or the odds VS. Hobby were against me. I'm not sure if I want to get sucked into A&G this year I really like some of the inserts and mini's but as an example the only mariners hit is an Ichiro Jersey card? from the check list I seen there is no Griffey or ichiro auto or framed mini's and very few mariners at all? I'm thinking the group break would be enough and I can pick up any individaul cards I need or I want on ebay but I just know it will be hard not to buy at least one hobby box to end up with a fish auto or something? Grant