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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Topps Mayo and those pesky N43 lack of toploaders

Blowout has the product info here. Gellman is correct in that this is the football ginter. Rip cards, box toppers, minis etc, but I have to say that I really like the 08 version although I could do without mini cards because the set is damn near impossible to put together because of the shear size. Also, the set is extremely condition sensitive. Kind of annoying actually. If you are on a larger budget, its kind of fun to bust 4-8 boxes to see if you can get a set. Plus the autos hold their value.

Anyway, the 2009 set has white borders and should be much easier to get a good condition set. The autos are on card and if you can pick these up for $60 or less, I would suggest you do so.

On another note, I posted once or twice about Magic box prices. Da has these for $74 and Blowout for $73. I see these reaching low 60's here shortly. Remember, some of these products head down in price a while after release but then they seem to head right back up. 2009 Finest Baseball, prime cuts, all 08 Donruss Football products, etc.

One more thing, those n43 Allen and Ginter cards should fit in these top loaders. Never fear, if the ebay auction I linked to is no longer good, they are ultra pro 4X6 "side loaders". Whatever.

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