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Monday, July 13, 2009

Ever wanted to know what a high end break gets you in return

Here are the ebay auctions.

Here is his blowout forum post

Here is how much is costs.


Tim said...


Anonymous said...

I had always wondered what the street value of the cards would be in a case. Looks like around $250 - $300 after fees. That is a pretty bad return on a nearly 1400 dollar case.

Pop Startled said...

Amazing...pure and simple that basketball high-end are a gambler's break. You know how angry I would be seeing a B.J. Armstrong auto if I opened one of these boxes?

stusigpi said...

That's what I don't get. This stuff is $95 a pack that gets you one auto jersy or patch. If ud is going to put a bj Armstrong in the product, I like the guy by the way, that should be a triple auto with kerr and someone else. Don't put a $10 card in a $100 product. I realize every pack can't be a Kobe lebron or Jordan but for god sakes there should be one of those per case.

Another guy busted a case and his case hit was a jordan yellow printing plate. He listed it on the bay for 1500, good luck buddy. I just don't get black, premier or ultimate. Exquisite is slightly better but at $100 a card I better not see an Isiah Thomas auto as my hit. This product should be $50-$60 max. I still wouldn't huy it.

Interesting thought, even if it was Kobe lebron or Jordan how much are those autos going to be worth? Ud puts tons of those in every product, does it really matter whether it's an 07, an 08, or an 09?