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Thursday, July 2, 2009

July box busters closes at noon July 4th

That is all.


Pop Startled said...

That's that, mattress man.

grant said...

Hopefully The SPX box will be as kind on the break as the one I picked up Yesterday. My box topper said buy back I opened and seen Griffey I was like Holy shi* it's the 1989 Auto! well it wasn't still a very nice GU'S baseball followed by a Swisher Jersey Auto a B. Roberts Sweet looking Auto game patch #/23 ( orioles fans it's yours) A winning materials 3 jersey Twins D. Young, Mauer, Liriano. Matsuzaka/lincecum dual,2 flashcack fabick duals L. Gonzales, O. Cabrera , and a Jim Thome pinstrip Game jersey. Not bad for one box 2 Auto's with a patch n jersey and 6 Gu's. Beat the odds I think? I'm posting these now have a look. Grant old school pack buster. Grant