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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June and July Boxbusters and a note on August

Are packaged and will be shipped tomorrow or Thursday evening.

August Break:
1 Prime Cuts
2 2009 Allen and Ginter

Cost will be $17.00 per team. Spots will be held til 9AM PST on August 1.


Box Opener said...

Just got package. Thanks. Not sure what happened but all the Cubs base cards were dinged on the corners. Both the SPX and the Topps Series 2. I think there were too many cards in the team set bag.

stusigpi said...

Sorry about that. There were 3 bricks in there right. Were 2 out of the 3 damaged?

I'll put all the cards in penny sleeves in addition to the bags, blanks and bubble mailer from now on

Box Opener said...

Yea there were three bricks, two of Red Sox cards, and one for the Cubs. The Red Sox cards were fine, all the Cubs cards were dinged in at least one corner. Yea, penny sleeves would be great.