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Friday, July 10, 2009

Maybe the price increase wasn't called for

I was a bit distressed over rising box prices, especially Prime cuts. These things were $210 from blowout not to long ago then the prices shot up to $280. Well I just picked up 2 boxes for our breaks at $205 shipped on the bay.


Captain Canuck said...

are we doing two prime cuts and one A&G? or two of each?

stusigpi said...

1 prime cuts in August with 2 allen and ginter

1 prime cuts in October with 2 boxes TBD.

Wax Heaven said...

Enjoy your Robin Yount sticker auto! ;)

stusigpi said...

No kidding, at least its not as bad as Sterling. ARplatinum's bust was a Tom Seaver jersey card. Horrible.

Anyway, I'm hoping patch/auto of some HOFer.