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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ridiculously Rising Box Prices Mystery Solved?

Its because of the National. Just like gas prices go up before Memorial Day and Labor Day, boy prices are going up because of the National. Prime cuts up over 50%, National Treasures too, Finest. All of the increases are inexplicable and this is the only way to describe it. Is it so Blowout and DA can sell a bunch by reducing their prices. Its like when you go to a liquidation sale and you notice that the signs say 40% off but they are more expensive then when the store was in business.

Circuit City did this. MSRP is $1000, Regular price was $699 but you could get it for $599. Now the store is 25% off everything and the price is $750. Just a thought.


Motherscratcher said...

I can understand if DA and Blowout are raising the prices so that they can have sales at the National. That makes sense.

What are the prices on Ebay? Are teh Rising prices on DA and BLO enough to raise the prices on Ebay to that level? Or are the prices on Ebay still lower. It seems crazy to think that the entire market would fluctuate to reflect the whims of these online sellers.

stusigpi said...

There aren't many other sellers that are selling this stuff, especially BIN. I picked up the prime cuts for $60 under blowout. There are just too few auctions right now to keep the prices low. So to answer your question yes they are. I have seen BIN prices adjusting daily with BigT, DA Blowout and captain collect.

Motherscratcher said...

Jesus, they're like the Dukes. They're trying to corner the market. It just might work too, as long as there are saps like me who need to be able to get my cards AND the GI Joe with the kung fu grip.

Where the hell are Louis and Billy Ray when you need them?