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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The right toploader

I often get questions about picking the correct toploader and here is what I have found.

Regular loaders:
Autographs: normal stock cards and autos fit in regular toploaders.

Upper deck masterpieces: These autos and parallels require a 55pt ultra pro loader. If you stuff them into a normal size they will sometimes separate.

55pt ultra pro: many early UD jersey cards.

75pt ultra pro: topps jersey cards and many upper deck jerseys.

100pt ultra pro 25 per pack $4 donruss, playoff, masterpieces jerseys

120pt BCW 10 per pack $3-4: hard to find but fit topps tx patch and other topps patches. Donruss patch cards

130pt ultra pro 5 per pack $2-3 : masterpieces patches and most upper deck patches. Some UD black, exquisite, and other high end.

180pt ultra pro: sweet spot and super freakin thick cards.

Everyone I know uses a penny sleeve inside the loader. The average sleeve does the trick. When you get to 75pt and above you are best off to go with the larger ultra pro sleeves. They actually say 2 5/8 x 3 1/4 or something like that on the package. For 120pt cards and larger, you are best off with bcw "thick" sleeves that say "up to 120 pt". Thee are a must for sweet spot sized cards. The sweet spot cards do not fi in smaller sleeves. These are available on eBay cheap.

Remember, before you go jamming your card into the sleeve and damaging the corners like half of the eBay sellers do, cut a slit in the crease of the Penney sleeve and your card will go in safely.

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