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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stickers v. On Card

Short and sweet: Sales numbers of on card auto wax v. Sticker auto wax. Allen and ginter on card. Seems to sell well. I'll leave topps base out because its a seller in spite of the autos. This product would sell regardless. Murad was sticker, didn't sell well, but chrome sells good. Mayo still sells ok, but like Allen and ginter autos, struggle in singles form

Masterpieces on card seemed to sell well once it hit a decent price. The MSRP crippled this set. Heroes sells well on card. Donruss cards sell ok, they are all sticker, but the cards in the secondary market seem to suck. Anyway.

Sticker auto cards are fancy inserts

On Card are autographs if that. makes any sense

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