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Saturday, August 8, 2009

2007 Bowman's Best Baseball 2 box group Break

The Videos: I think I messed up the title on the first one and incorrectly put it as Box 2 in the title.

The pics


Ryan said...

Nice pull Beardy! I was worried for you with those first 2, but the last one really saved it!

--David said...

I will gladly trade my White Sox auto for either of the Indians autos!

Captain Canuck said...

wow. I have four of these autos already. LaRoche, Ramirez, Upton, and Perkins.
What do I pull? Another Perkins.

Does anyone want to trade for a Twin?

beardy said...


stusigpi said...

See, you finally got a nice hit. It only took 4-5 breaks.

grant said...

OK I did Very good on the baseball and Football breaks not just good fr my luck VERY GOOD! I just want to know how could get maybe one of those Ichiro's and Griffey Base cards from someone if they don't random to me. I'm sure by now everyone knows I'm pretty generous when it comes to trades or just sending cards out for Nada. Let me know I'd like to have those in my Mariners collection! Thanks Jeff you rock and you did call it! BTW the Dodgers AWSOME pulls are on the way just been getting bogged down from bieng called into work. Beardy You ROCK! congrats on the Evan! Somebody talk to me here, I need more Ichiro's and Griffeys and I have What you need I know it! : ) Grant old school pack buster

beardy said...

Grant, if I get either one of those cards, I'll send them out to Walla-Walla for you.

grant said...

Beardy I'm still in holding at Shelton I'm not sure if I'll end up in walla walla or sheridan state pen. : ) Probably a mental facility. Grant